"A healthy Body is a wealthy Body" Tony Stewart.

This page present information about our chi system and whats called our aura and seek to raise awareness of whats called our bio electromagnetic life force. This largely unseen by the human eye, energy chi system was was virtually unknown to most of the western world. Awareness of Chi and Yin Yang , positive and negative magnetical chi in our bodies has only slowly come to our attention  since the 1960's . Kirlian photograhapy, Albert Einstein  and the great works of Quantum scientist all confirm what the internal masters of the east knew many centuries ago.

I start with a simple principle which I understand is a basic principle to the western medical; world..Although not always kept it is their founding principle to DO NO HARM!


There is enough people of good intention who run large protests groups currently fighting the outbreak / out roll of the 5G micro waves network. This page does not seek to be such , Instead a place for information relating to our mind body and spirit and how to protect oneself against rushed through new technologies like 5G and be able to maintain a thriving, healthy life, full of love, happiness and a joyful life. On this place we call planet earth we have already done our collective best to destroy it. So naturally our trust in Governments etc to do the right things to protect us is running very thin.  

This page will feature articles that will be helpful to you become conscious / improved awareness of the potential dangers of modern development and if so what to do about it to safely protect yourself to reduce the stress levels either mentally or to our chi system.

Videos, website links, recommended books, scientific reports to be presented as evidence of the real dangers such developments as 5G can have to us all and planet life itself.. Helpful tips of what to look out for and things one can peacefully do to seek help, advice and support should you feel unwell after any such 5G masks has been placed near to where you live or work. Its surprising how many people know nothing about 5G or even their own chi system let alone living a healthy lifestyle.. This page will attempt to offer a small contribution to raise awareness and help you discover things further by yourself.

I will also address this page to the ney sayers who think either 5G is a greatest thing since sliced bread or have a unchecked trust that "surely our world governments wouldn"t allow such an evil to roll out and harm us" To this group of people who hold such a view. I simple ask them to at the very least air on the side of caution and just in case you guys are wrong then one must surely insist on a world independent authority to be formed to holistically assess all evidence either for or against. Contrary to the myths on line, there is huge evidence supporting the negative results to our all round health and only government funding to a few scientist paid to get us to focus on "the internet of things", its speed and its so called alleged improvement to our lives..



Happy chi solutions will be presented on this page and in the all new blog.

In that spirit I want this page and occasional on the blog or Tai Chi 4 You facebook page to help make a happy chi positive good impact. facebook looks sadly lets say restrictive in what it allows and the coverage one gets so this is it for now.

As a father I am sworn to protect my daughters ans family and loving partner and her son. In that happy loving spirit I present to you this all.


Tai Chi Chuan and qigong is a wonderful way to shadow box and seek to bring the opposites of the me, myself and I together in harmony and healthy flow. Its a mind body and spirit internal art of living. So I present you this unique famous video of the one of the worlds greatest minds of the last few centuries: Carl Gustav Jung warning us about our Pysche!

"What if something goes wrong with our pysche" stating that mankind is the great danger and we must do all we can to study this.

Von Franz gives a worrying warning of what he saw coming.. This video seems appropriate to start this page.

Lets us heed the warnings of Jung and do all we can to reflect and work on ourselves, withdraw our shadow projections from the world and decide, direct and do positive peaceful actions no matter how small. Inform friends, sign petitions, write to your local council and take mindful note of any noticable changes to your health and well-being. Always consult your doctor should such health concerns arise.

What is our Chi system?
Not wishing to rewrite the circle and to save space and time I offer here a series of photos and videos that should give you a good idea and a host of resources where if you weish you can read up on exactly what it is.
The Damaging Effects Of 5G Wireless On Your Health
Click on the photo for to open a new page and read article:
Written and posted 25th June 2020:
After I finished my Tai Chi training this morning I had a thoughts run through on this:
The medical world, doctors etc have a world wide code as basis for their practice = it is called "DO NO HARM"
This mantra is always vital in all treatment protocols.
Medicine must be mega checked to at least asses that there is no harmful side effects..
So when and if I get called to and asked about it. I will state that our chi body aura is undisputed now in western science..this real body is our electromagnetic sphere that is interacts within and outside our body and known as our life force. Acupuncture stimulates and promotes the healthy flow of this energy field.
Any judge and jury looking at 5G roll out should insist that multi layered and double backed up fully independent studies are conducted out to life on this planet being subjected to 5G and do so before any now underway roll out can take place..
To authorize a roll as is now happening during this lock down is to risk falling foul again of terrible mistakes in the past.
Asbestos, cigarettes, tabaco, leaded petrol, aluminum, sugar to name just a few.
& Thalidomide (1957) this disastrous anti pregnancy sickness drug killed and disabled or drastic birth defects to thousands of young babies.
Just imagine trying to stop that drug coming out and the judge and drug company says there is no proof it is harmful...the drug has nit been tested and there was proof but it was ignored or undermined due to the fortune of the drugs profits..proving to be very evil indeed and results.
Teams of internal energy doctors must work with western medicine to create a long enough pause as to ensure we do no harm!!!!!
Should it be called on me to stand in court and address the jury directly on this matter I will do so with all the love and strength I can gather and express.
love and happy chi, Tony

5G is the ultimate directed energy weapon system, says particle physicist


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