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Chemtrails, Contrails, Geoengineering
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Let’s focus on no longer just viewing what’s going on but actually taking small actions to at least make a contribution towards hopefully changing things for the better.

Climate controlling is no longer to be put in a conspiracy theorist box! Governments are openly talking about it, how much its costing and how they plan to block our sunlight in a crazy method to cool our planet!!! Developed over these last 60 plus years the technology is being rolled out 24/7 and clearly getting much more intensive. Now what can possibly go wrong there I wonder!!!

The only climate change we are experiencing is being planed and arranged by ??? lets just say inter governmental organisations. First step is to raise awareness with your friends and family and maybe you can all write to various institutes like the local Gemeente/Council and or environmental organisations. NB: Various search sites enjoy debunking such inquiries but keep looking, seek and you will find.

Happy clear sky chi, Tony

PS: Please find a few websites were you can enjoy excellent information on this most important happening of our times.

"Healthy Skies = Healthy Lives" Tony Stewart

Here are some good websites on Chemtrails:
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