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Tai Chi 4 You: Home Practice:

Opening statement:

This page is meant as a very basic support and coaching guide to inspire you to practice at home, in your garden..out in the fresh air. Safe area, good location, Only weather pattern to avoid training in, is if it is very windy! Otherwise just keep yourself well wrapped up , scarf to ensure back of head and neck are warm, usual comfortable training cloths. Should you get hot and sweaty, then keep well covered to avoid loosing chi and "catching a cold" etc. Out in the fresh air is always the best. 

Decide Direct and Do:

"We make our habits and our habits make us!" is a old and very true saying. So let's go for it! Rome of course is not built in one day, yet get started right now were you are. As you are reading this start moving..roll your shoulders etc.. the physical movement helps the brain to get you to commit and start a practice regime on a daily basis.

Getting started:

This page has three sections:

  1. Warming up exercises videos of exercises which feature a feel the chi easy to follow warming up exercises.

  2. Qigongs: Standing still. Stand still be fit videos and medical qigong videos which you can step by step follow and keep you on the move and inwardly mindfully focused.

  3. A few already available videos of the first section of the form that you can use as a guide to help you remember the flow order. Photos which give the main postures (reminders) for the first section of the form.

Take your first step and practice tai chi & qigong at home, have fun, enjoy your training! So you will begin to enjoy thousands steps on your path to a better healthier life. Happy chi steps wished to you.




keep kalm and practice Tai Chi.jpg
If you cant go outside go within.jpg


Qigong Zhan Zhuang First 6 days. Stand still be fit.

This music you can enjoy to practice your Qigong or Tai Chi too. It has a lovely soft sounding bell every three minutes which you can gently shift from one posture of qigong to another and build up your chi inner stamina and power. Try 3-5 minutes at first and build up to enjoying standing like a tree for as long as it feel good to do so. You are building up your mind and well as practice to relax. Powerful find your feet mindfulness mediation.simply breathing in and out. Happy Chi From Tony. 

Opening of form 1.jpg
opening of the form 2.jpg
opening of the form 3.jpg
opening of the form 4.jpg
opening of the form 5.jpg
opening of the form 6.jpg
last section of the first part of the fo

I put mind motivation and my inspirational skills to good use, in creating a shift in the attitude that a student has and show them how they can really get the benefits and maintain them. My mission is to promote this most wonderful perfect exercise and doing so in a way that gives students the power of belief in themselves to achieve just that and much more.

Most important thing to do to prevent procrastination is to Decide to do it! To actually strongly in word and better still in writing that you are going for it!! What i call Decide Direct and Do flow.

Its quite a brave thing to do to make a life changing positive development.So well done!

Shift from:

I don't have time >>>>>>> to I have time right now in this very moment.


I might do it wrong fear reason not to practice >>>>>>>> to a positive: I am going to enjoy myself just do what and how I can and do so knowing that erros will not matter for I am simply doing my best and each week improving.


Getting started:

You have had your first lesson and back home so make a promise right there and then to practice every day for at least one minute :) Sounds short n sweet but believe me you have to start somewhere hey and one minute is something the ego will buy into ok.


One minute Tai Chi workout!!! yes in one minute:

"Just a minute" Tai Chi is the fun name I am giving this. Enjoy.


Take just one or maybe two exercises you did in your first lesson or first few lessons or if been going for a while and getting back into home practice then you can all start with this:


Write the exercise you want to do and put in on a sticker on your lab top or on your fridge. basically anywhere you can keep seeing it to trigger  yourself to remind you to practice.


Create a set time to practice and encourage your family members to remind you or at the least they know of your goal and will hopefully be supportive of your aims..


Build up a one minute + practice moments and even try to repeat your chosen routine exercise for the whole week.


Take one principle from Tai Chi or the latest move you have just experienced in your lesson and have a one minute flow with it.. Just think how you will feel when you your day is finished. You are also building a all new feel good factor for yourself as you go. Of course you will miss days which is normal but count the days you did practice not the ones you didn't.


Remember you are not stopping your old habits you are simply starting new habits which will mean the old unwanted habits will fade away from you naturally.


The more you do practice the more you will get. The getting of this good feeling you will notice even more good things coming to you which is nice as you will be getting more chi to enjoy life and thrive. We are here to thrive and not struggling. Create the life you want with just one minute a day! Tell your fellow students how you are now a one minute tai chi master ! :)

Its all about momentum. Motivation without movement is very difficult. Moving your mind and body will promote and increase your motivations for a whole host of tasks, things to do.

Start moving as soon as you get an intuition to exercise. You are in a vital split second decsion contemplation.. If you sit dead still as you contemplate if you are going to practice or not then you are more likely to do nothing and procrastinate. If you your body then your body is agreeing with the minds idea and then you are much more likely to get started.

Find a method that works for you best enjoyt it and do your best and your tai chi will take care of the rest!

Tony Stewart

Tai Chi 4 You

Tai Chi 4 You Happy Smiley Chi Challenge
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