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22 September 2021 

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Herfstvakantie      25 oktober 2021 t/m 31 oktober 2021

Hello everyone,

Many of you have already returned from your summer holidays and its great to see you all again. As you may know Jose and myself have been enjoying a very busy time moving into our new house and I am pleased to say that it all went well and although my fitness was tested alot, I give thanks to the unique Yeung family tai chi training that prepared me well for such a mind body and spirit set of challenges that we faced. Our new home even has a practice room were I can offer private lessons for between 1 to 4 persons. the nearby park also offers nice training location when the weather is nice.


Beginners welkom:

Invite your friends for a free try out lesson in weeks of September and October. 

I am pleased to see a good steady flow of new students starting to join us

at the beginners lessons.

The Wednesday evening 19:00 o clock lesson is proving very popular

and places filling up quickly.

Of course you can also start on the Monday morning 

lesson or also Tuesday and Thursday evenings = see lesrooster. 
New to Tai Chi or student looking to re start

then don't hesitate and call now

as beginners lessons are being book fast.

These very interesting challenging times it is encouraging to see people to seeking unique ways to care for their health and fitness and clearly enjoying social interaction,  making friends in a positively happy chi focused health and holistic training environment.

So go for it and reserve your place on the new beginners course now as places are expected to go quickly!

Let op!

  • Let op! Donderdagochtend: 09:00-10:00 is niet beschikbaar. Voor de komende maanden is alleen de dinsdagavond beschikbaar. Bent u geinteresseerd in octhend lessen in Roosendaal graag mij even laten weten via de contact pagina of Tel 06 26906168. 
  • Vanaf 27 September Maandagochtend les 09:30-10:45 is terug in Boulevard in Bergen op Zoom  ​Noord 4, 4617 HD Bergen op Zoom In de multifunctionele ruimte op de 3de etage. NB: Komende twee weken maandagochtend les is buiten de Schelp swimmingpool
  • Vanaf 30 September: Donderdagavond: 20:00-21:15 is terug in de Basisschool Lodijke Ouderdinge 15 4617 NL Bergen op Zoom

  • Gymzaal Zij ingang bij einde van de Zwarte Waal weg

  • 6 new videos on the Tai Chi blog page!

Beginners Cursussen info pagina
Unique in Netherlands!
Authentic Yeung (Yang) Family Tai Chi
Vanf 27 Sept t/m 31 Oktober 

 Beginners welkom 

Vrijblijvende GRATIS Proefles:

in Bergen op Zoom & Roosendaal 

Let op! reserveer uw proefles snel want vol is vol!

Let op! reserveer uw proefles snel want vol is vol!

Beginners lessen in Bergen op Zoom:

Maandagochtend: 09:30-10:45 Komende twee weken maandagochtend les is buiten de Schelp swimmingpool

Vanaf 27 september maandagochtend les is terug in de Sportcentrum de Boulevard in Bergen op Zoom  ​Noord 4, 4617 HD Bergen op Zoom In de multifunctionele ruimte op de 3de etage.

Woensdagavond: 19:00-20:15 

Montessorischool Noordsingel 57

4661 SC Bergen op Zoom. (zij ingang)   

Donderdagavond: 20:00-21:15 



Beginners lessen in Roosendaal:

Dinsdagavond: 20:00-21:15 

Jadedijk 11 RsD.  

Are you looking to learn real mindfulness, feel free to be! Really how to improve your health and all round well-being. Then give yourself a unique present and join us at Tai Chi 4 You. Enjoy an  amazing journey of mind, body and spirit. Step by step learn holistic health and real Tai Chi, real mindfulness energizing your chi fit and flow 
Come along a enjoy a free try out lesson

available for Beginners to advanced. Small groups lessons = 3 to 8 persons
Bedrijf workshops Tai Chi, Mindfulness awareness Happy chi coaching courses.   

 Vrijblijvende GRATIS Proefles

Small groups lessons or Private lessons available upon request

“Tai Chi is based on the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang. Yin means softness and inactivity, whereas Yang means strength and activity. Strength can be hidden in softness and activity is camouflaged in inactivity. Constant practice of Tai Chi will enable you to acquire peace of mind, relaxation of body, not flabby but flexible muscles and an excellent physique regardless of your health at the start, rank, profession, age or sex.” — Yeung Sau Chung
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Inspirational Quotes of the week! Helping you stay strong, feel good, practice more and keep focused

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Nieuwe  Cursussen
 Beginners welkom vanaf 27 sept t/m 31 Okt
Gratis proefles!

Sharing is caring: Deel dit goede nieuws met je vrienden!

Happy chi, 


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