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4 April 2023

NB: newsletter best enjoyed / over viewed on your i pad or laptop.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to all the beginners who have started in these last several weeks.

Heads up! Tai Chi workshop: Volgende zondagochtend 19 maart om 10:00-12:00. Graag even laten weten als je kan komen.

Na vier jaar is het groeps lesgeld van €10 per les tot €11 per les met ingang van 1 April. Zie in deze nieuwsbrief en op de tarieven pagina for alle lesgeld info.

Our mainstream media channels are heavily censored and holistic real science by most of our worlds greatest scientists is silenced this preventing one from being fully informed . Tragically big pharma and global governments worked in teamwork to hide the reality, the truth of the matters so afflicting us all these last 3 years. In the UK the lock down files (whats apps of Health secretary Matt Hancock are proving to be a bombshell and hitting the mainstream media proving it was all a genocidal planned event. Its now without doubt more than 100,000 people in stable health were given end of life treatments ordered by the health secretaries! Autopsy's was also banned preventing ways to established what caused their deaths. This and the false PCR testing scam added to the fear etc.

To allow students to gain a broader perspective I respectfully raise awareness so you can protect yourself from harm. The good news is the truths about the plandemic scam is coming out for all to see. My focus is to help all concerned be able to stay healthy and protect your immune system especially if already injured by the experimental injections or just worried about the now well documented negative side effects. I am regularly being contacted by vaccine injured ex students or inquiries of deeply worried people. So a helpful detox and all relevant health information page is being made on this website. Videos and various breaking news latest info here below.

The Yeung family system of Tai Chi is supreme and very unique in helping you maintain a healthy mind body and spirit. We are on the right path!

Happy chi, Tony.

PS: invite your friends to come along and join our beginners lessons.

This newsletters contend menu features:​​

  • Zondagochtend Tai Chi workshop: to be confirmed

  • Met ingang van 1 april 2023 lesgeld is €11 per les = €110 Per kwartaal: Een keer per week voor € 110,- (€11.00 per les) & per kwartaal: Twee keer in de week. Voor € 160- per kwartaal: (2de les @ €6.00) Voor 6 maanden of jaarlijks lesgeld zir tarieven pagina.

  • ​​Nieuwe beginners groepslessen beschikbaar: op Donderdagochtend! 09:15-10:30 & 10:45-12:00. NB: maandagochtend lessen 09:15-10:30 & 10:45-12:00 zijn nu vol geboekt! 

  • Beginners courses currently available lesrooster and locations

  • Photo's, Picture quotes & videos of the month.

  • Important / recommended pages to visit on Tai Chi 4 You website.

Zondagochtend Tai Chi workshop:

tp be confirmed 2023 10:00-12:00

 Lesgeld €17:00

Suitable for all levels

 Montessorischool Noordsingel 57

4661 SC Bergen op Zoom. Grote gymzaal (zij ingang) 

afsluiting met gratis thee :)

Unique in Netherlands!
Authentic Yeung (Yang) Family Tai Chi


Vrijblijvende Proefles:

Beginners les dinsdagavond & Woensdagavond

Let op! wees snel bij! reserveer uw proefles snel want vol is vol!

Beschikbaar beginners lessen

Dinsdagavond: Beginners 20:00 - 21:15 de Montessorischool BoZ  

Woensdagavond 19:00-20:15 ook in de Montessorischool BoZ



Kleine groepslessen & Privé lessen in mijn training dojo max 4 pers;

Alleen op afspraak!

Nieuwe small groups lessons (Beginners only!)  Op mijn eigen praktijk: 


Maandagochtend: 09:15-10:30 Kleine groepslessen = Fully booked!

Maandagochtend 10:30-11:45 op mijn eigen praktijk! Fully booked!

Donderdagochtend 09:15-10:30 Vier plaatsen beschikbaar!


Donderdagochtend 10:45-12:00.Vier plaatsen beschikbaar!

Voor deze Kleine groeps ochtend lessen, is nog enkele plaatsen vrij! dus bel of e-mail voor beschikbaarheid en locatie.


Aanmelding en/of meer info:

via contact page


Please call, send a telegram/whatsapp or e-mail

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Vakantie data:
Voorjaarsvakantie: 18-2-2023 t/m 26-2-2023
Meivakantie: 24-4-2023 t/m 7-5-2023
Zomervakantie: 31-7-2023 t/m 20-8-2023
Herfstvakantie: 14-10-2023 t/m 22-10-2023
Kerstvakantie: 23-12-23 t/m7-1-2024

Photos, Picture quotes & videos of the month.
Breaking NEWS! Health & harmony related must know news

Important health heads up news:

Excess Deaths in Australia Are Out of Control-The Young Are Dying More Than Any Other Age Group
Something is killing young people and it started at the same time they rolled out the boosters in Australia.
0-44 year age group is dying more than anyone other age group
The projected overall excess mortality in Australia for 2022 is extraordinarily high (30,449 deaths which is around a 20% increase over the normal baseline).



Explosion of excess deaths in heavily vaccinated European countries; Romania and Bulgaria buck the trend
February 23, 2023
By Claudia Marcu

Eurostat has published excess mortality rates for December 2022. The European average is plus 19%, with Romania and Bulgaria being the only countries where this parameter has decreased.
The report is based on an average mortality rate for 2016-2019, i.e., before the pandemic...
Excess mortality measures the increase in deaths during a period and in a particular group, compared to the expected value or statistical trend during a reference period or in a reference population.
At the end of the pandemic, when there were almost no more covid deaths, the most vaccinated countries recorded shocking excess mortality rates in December 2022 compared to the normal 2016-2019.

Please join & share 💞



SMOKING GUN: UK Health Minister’s leaked messages reveal Truman Show-like psychological terrorism campaign involving RELEASING variants to maximize fear and lockdown compliance


SMOKING GUN: UK Health Minister’s leaked messages reveal Truman Show-like psychological terrorism campaign involving RELEASING variants to maximize fear and lockdown compliance

Monday, March 06, 2023 by: Mike Adams

This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author

(Natural News) The Telegraph (UK) has released an explosive series of articles documenting the psychological terrorism and biological warfare COVID campaigns waged against the British people by their own government.

See The Lockdown Files here.

Read about “Project Fear” in this article.

As The Telegraph writes:

Throughout the course of the pandemic, officials and ministers wrestled with how to ensure the public complied with ever-changing lockdown restrictions. One weapon in their arsenal was fear.

“We frighten the pants off everyone,” Matt Hancock suggested during one WhatsApp message with his media adviser.

The then Health Secretary was not alone in his desire to scare the public into compliance. The WhatsApp messages seen by the Telegraph show how several members of Mr. Hancock’s team engaged in a kind of ‘Project Fear’ in which they spoke of how to utilise “fear and guilt” to make people obey lockdown.

At one point, Matt Hancock, the former UK Health Minister, asks another government employee, “When do we deploy the new variant?”

click here to view full article:

Reminder to never use your phones or tablets when they are plugged in.
Electro magnetic radiation is off the charts!! (47 seconds)

Tucker Carlson Today | Sudden Death Epidemic (Full episode)
Author Ed Dowd joins 'Tucker Carlson Today' to discuss the 'very large' measurable increases in excess deaths across the Western world.



door Gast auteur | 8 mrt 2023 | COVID-19 vaccin

Nine for news publiceerde de toespraak van Magdalena Dzambo tijdens de manifestatie Dutch 4 Freedom in Den Haag. Zij heeft ernstige vaccinatieschade opgelopen na slechts één prik. Deze verhalen dienen gedeeld te worden.

“Ik voel me verkracht. Niet door een familielid of een goede kennis, een trainer of een eng persoon uit de bosjes. Nee, door de overheid. Een overheid die mij gehersenspoeld heeft dat de corona-vaccinaties veilig zijn.” Dat zei Magdalena Dzambo zondag tijdens de manifestatie Dutch 4 Freedom in Den Haag.

“Helaas was dit niet het geval bij mij. De corona-prik, in mijn geval één Pfizer-prik, heeft mijn leven totaal verwoest. Ik was kerngezond voor de prik en nu ben ik een schim van mezelf. Een heftige auto-immuunreactie is opgetreden,” legde ze uit.

Ze moet dagelijks dealen met: tinnitus, een keiharde piep in haar oren, 24/7, neuropathie – dat zijn brandende, prikkelende tintelingen net onder haar huid in haar handen en voeten – pijnlijke spieren in haar benen, heftige menstruatie, een slaapstoornis, slechte bloedcirculatie en cognitieve problemen.



Over 5 MILLION INJURIES & 50,663 DEAD Following COVID-19 Vaccines in Europe

While the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered in Europe is decreasing, our analysis determined that the Pfizer mRNA boosters for OMICRON BA.4-5 variants, and the Moderna mRNA boosters for OMICRON BA.4-5 variants, are causing a significantly higher percentage of fatalities among the cases reported than the original COVID-19 shots.


I can highly recommend to download telegram = works just like whatsapp and you can quickly and efficiently follow whats really going on.
You can then join the following:
Childrens Health defense
John F Kennedy Jr, Dr Naomi Wolf, Dolores Cahill, Dr McCullough
Steve Kirsch, Dr Mike Yeadon, Natural news = Health ranger
Not on the Beeb stuff bbc will not tell you
Klokkenluiders voor vrijheid, World Doctors alliance
Reiner Fullmich: German lawyer and co founder of the corona investigative committee
AVV Vaccinatieschade
David Advocado Wolfe
Dr David Martin P.H.D, Robert W Malone, Dr Christine Northrup
Dr Tenpenny, Dr Assem Malhotra
Artsen voor vrijheid
and much more!!
vaccineimpact logo.jpg
World Freedom Alliance.jpg

Sharing is caring: Deel dit goede nieuws met je vrienden!

Happy chi, 


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