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1: Vakanties: Geen lessen in de vakanties: 

Kerstvakantie: 20 December 2019 t/m 5 Januari 2019

2: Tai Chi Workshop: Zondagochtend 24 November 2019

24 November 2019

Geschikt voor alle levels! 


Workshop Inhoud:

Tai Chi 108 form & Pushing hands

 Geschikt voor alle niveaus!

Van beginners tot gevorderden, jullie zijn allen welkom!​


Noordsingel 57  (Zij ingang) 

4661 SC Bergen op Zoom

Kosten  €15:00 inclusief thee en biologische koekjes.

Meld je aan voor de Tai Chi Zondagochtend workshop

Mis het niet! 

3: Tai Chi 4 You beginners informatie
Tai Chi 4 You
Vrijblijvende proefles
 in Bergen op Zoom & Roosendaal 

Start your lessons now! Give yourself a early Christmas present and begin to transform your life:  

6 lessons weeks to enjoy before the Christmas Holiday

Change your life through the practice of Authentic Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan

"A Healthy Body is a Wealthy Body" Tony Stewart

​Uniek in Nederland! 

Authentieke Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan.

Beginners welkom

Wilt u werken aan uw gezondheid?

Lekker bewegen en beter ontspannen?

Tai Chi & Qigong is een fantastische manier om de gezondheid te verbeteren.

Bekend als de Perfect Exercise.

De unieke mindfulness principes helpen goed in deze moderne stressvolle tijden.

Leuk en geschikt voor alle leeftijden.

Met deze totaal mind, body & spirit workout verbetert u uw coördinatie, kracht en flexibiliteit. Of u nu een topsporter bent of uw conditie wilt verbeteren. Creëer ontspanning, vitaliteit, rust en balans in uw leven met de positieve effecten van Tai Chi en Qigong.

Kom langs en kom tot rust. 

Ontdek stap voor stap de positieve effecten van de Authentieke Yeung Family Tai Chi en Qigong

Transform your life as you step by step discover the positive effects doing real Tai Chi. 

  Creëer ontspanning, vitaliteit, rust en balans in uw leven.

Tony Stewart, founder of Tai Chi 4 You is the only Authentieke Tai Chi school in The Netherlands and Belgium that is teaching the real Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan system and is being continually being taught by Sifu Jim Uglow: the western worlds most leading Tai Chi master of Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan

Sharing is caring: deel dit goede nieuws met je vrienden!


4: Other Tai Chi News:
Very good information: De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Acupunctuur (NVA)
Articles featuring varies aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Full of great information:

5: Quotes of the month:

Qigong…Zhan Zhuang (Standing like a tree)

Zhan Zhuang is the Qigong system with the longest tradition which can be traced back over three thousand years. It is the foundation of all Qigong styles and is characterized by its great effectiveness and efficiency.

Zhan Zhuang is pronounced "Jan Jong" and best translated as Standing Like A Tree.

Training in Zhan Zhuang… for most people is a complete surprise in the beginning… as there are no recognizable external movements, although it is a highly energetic exercise system.

In contrast to many other methods, Zhan Zhuang develops our internal energy in a very efficient way… instead of consuming it.

Zhan Zhuang Qigong is practiced in well-balanced standing positions which increase the flow of energy and build up internal strength.

The Zhan Zhuang system is based on a unique combination of relaxation and exertion which stimulates, cleanses and massages the whole body.

Because of it’s effectiveness in raising our energy levels… Zhan Zhuang is often used as basic training for martial arts.

For a long time, Zhan Zhuang Qigong has been a well kept secret and it is only since the mid 1940s that Zhan Zhuang has been taught and discussed publicly.

In Europe… Master Lam Kam Chuen introduced this unique Qigong system in 1987… and is also the author of the first book on Zhan Zhuang in the West.

Through the practice of Zhan Zhuang Qigong we are able to take advantage of our whole potential… physically, mentally and spiritually… without becoming exhausted. This is achieved in a completely natural way without the need for struggling with ourselves.


When you stand, you are like a tree.
You are growing from within.
Your feet, like roots, draw power from the earth.
Your body, like the trunk, is perfeclty aligned.
You are unmoving, strong.
Your head is open to the heavens like the crown of the tree.
You rest calmly, the universe within your mind.

~Master Lam Kam Chuen~

"The value of Tai Chi Chuan in self-defense is universally acknowledged. Applying it properly, you can neutralize the opponent’s force with a much smaller one, command the situation leisurely and even utilize his force to your own advantage."

Yang Sauchung

First posted this in 2016; If it helps inspire you to practice more then it's hinting at the positive benefits of Tai Chi & Qigong would have achieved it's goal.

This morning as I concluded my Qigong meditation I picked up a pen wrote this poem down which also inspired me to relaunch the happy chi smiley calendar which we did back in 2012..

I do my Tai Chi in the morning
to give me energy & prevent all that yawning.

I practice my Tai Chi at times during the day
allowing my chi to have its say.

I do my Tai Chi in my mind
making happiness easier to find

I love to practice Tai Chi & Qigong in the evening
It helps me achieve all I am believing and conceiving.

I calmly do a qigong at night
helping me to sleep well, dream and gain insight.

Happy Chi from Tony Stewart.

6: Video(s) of the month


7: Tai Chi 4 You Blog: Enjoy previously posted videos, quotes and photos. Not on facebook? Often facebook posts are re posted in this Blog: Click here https://www.taichi4you.nl/blog

Tai Chi 4 You
Vrijblijvende proefles
 in Bergen op Zoom & Roosendaal 

Start your lessons now! Give yourself a early Christmas present and begin to transform your life:  

6 lessons weeks to enjoy before the Christmas Holiday

Change your life through the practice of Authentic Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan

"A Healthy Body is a Wealthy Body"

"Exercising the secrets that lie within" Tony Stewart

​Uniek in Nederland! 

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