TAI CHI 4 YOU Newsflash!

Following extensive meditations, reflections including the I Ching book of changes and seeing the fast changing situation meaning that perhaps within days all the Netherlands will be in total lock down. I have proactively decided to pause all lessons =  All lessons are  from 22 March are being put on pause. This includes the earlier proposed out door lesson planning.

Notice to all members / students of Tai Chi 4 You:

I am very sorry to bring you this message as I wanted so much to try and help and support you all with the giving of tai chi and qigong lessons. The Gemeente, Goverment, had given me permission to teach out doors yet I have decided to keep us all safe and avoid any even slight risks of interactions in such out door lessons.

Fast moving events since my last news update have strongly influenced my decision.

In the coming days I will do my best to make a You-Tube link up for those practicing Tai Chi at home.

I wish you all and your friends and family, lots of love and Healthy chi. Stay safe and sound and keep your feet on the ground. 

All new Tai Chi 4 You home practice support page available for free covering Exercises, Qigong and information to help support form practice at home.

I am looking into making a you tube channel to teach you all via this method. News on this will follow as soon as possible.

I once again wish you all lots of strength, love and healthy protective chi. My condolences to the family of anyone who has lost their life to this Corona disease.

Should you have any questions, concerns, need support in anyway at all,

then please don't hesitate to call me.

Happy sterkte healthy chi, Tony Stewart


IThe days ahead will be very challenging for us and all our family and friends. As I have always said to you all, please practice your Tai Chi and Qigong each day. In these very dramatic, upsetting and deeply worrying times, doing your exercises, Tai Chi and Qigong will help you stay grounded and help keep your immune system and your good chi spirits positively focused.


2/ Tai Chi 4 You beginners informatie:
Tai Chi 4 You
GRATIS Vrijblijvende Proefles
 in Bergen op Zoom & Roosendaal 

Begin to transform your life:  



Op zoek naar een mooie en dynamische manier om en geweldig manier om je gezonheid te verbeteren?

Zo ja: reserveren uw plaats nu op de komende beginners cursus  en geniet van een vrijblijvende proefles.

  Schrijf je gelijk in voor een proefles.

Een ideale tijd om uw oude gewoontes los te laten en te starten met een nieuwe gezonde levensstijl.

Kom langs, GET IN YOUR CHI FIT & FLOW en komt tot rust. 

"A Healthy Body is a Wealthy Body" Tony Stewart

​Uniek in Nederland! 

Authentieke Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan.

Beginners welkom

Wilt u werken aan uw gezondheid?

Lekker bewegen en beter ontspannen?

                          Tai Chi & Qigong is een fantastische manier om de gezondheid te verbeteren.

Bekend als de Perfect Exercise.

De unieke mindfulness principes helpen goed in deze moderne stressvolle tijden.

Leuk en geschikt voor alle leeftijden.

Tony Stewart, founder of Tai Chi 4 You is the only Authentieke Tai Chi school in The Netherlands and Belgium that is teaching the real Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan system and is being continually being taught by Sifu Jim Uglow: the western worlds most leading Tai Chi master of Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan


3/ Tai Chi Workshop: dates to be confirmed.

Les tijd: 10:00-11:30

Workshop Inhoud:

Practicing First form section of 108 form in right direction

Verdiepings les!

The Sunday workshops are a special boost, chance to go deeper and experience new curriculum.  

Qigong, Tai Chi 108 form, Pushing hands.

To practice in small groups at the level were you are in the form.

Chi Athlon fitness training drills

Strenthen your Kung fu mind and qigong practice sessions

Suitable for all levels / Geschikt voor alle niveaus!

Beginners to advanced are all welcome.

Van beginners tot gevorderden, jullie zijn allen welkom!​


Noordsingel 57  (Zij ingang) 

4661 SC Bergen op Zoom

Kosten  €15:00 inclusief thee en biologische koekjes.

Meld je aan voor de Tai Chi Zondagochtend workshop

Mis het niet! 


4/ News extra:​

B/ 5G Health Risks; The War Between Technology and Human Beings

Click on this link for important information we should all be concious of whats in store for us unless we can collectively prevent it from rolling out:


C/ Stichting Stop5GNL heeft de Nederlandse Staat gedagvaard:

Well done to the Dutch stop 5G team they have taken the Dutch Government to court. I'm gonna see if they need some help! Tony Stewart. 

D/ De stichting Stop5GNL

For more information on the Dutch organization against the 5G nightmare being planned is available here:

De Nederlandse staat is van plan om het 5G mobiele netwerk vanaf 2020 in heel Nederland uit te rollen, zonder dat het is getest op mensen, dieren en het milieu.

Help ons de uitrol van 5G stoppen!



The short video of tai chi in this is very modern floating etc but the benefits section is a good short read through..get inspired and get to practice your tai chi today👊☯️🙏
Please share this with your friends.
This month from 22nd March 2020 to 26th March it's a invite your friends and or family week!
You can invite them to your own lesson time or come along with them at one of the other beginners lessons available.
After their free try out lesson they can enjoy a cup of tea and have free no obligation information.
Happy chi, Tony

Click on this link to enjoy reading about the 9 listed benefits mentioned here. Although the real list is very much more. 


F/ The Human Energy Field (HEF), the Human Aura, is an energy field that surrounds human beings.

Everyone has this energy field. It is a manifestation of energy, a luminous body, surrounding our physical body from all sides, from above and from bellow.

The aura is directly connected to the energy vortices of the body, the seven chakras.

I ponder this: Our body is a electromagnetic chi field which is the real body, life force. Should this energy field become weakened or disrupted then the ramifications for us humans and living beings is very negatively dire indeed!. What if something should happen to our energy fields? The 5G Micro waves is already proving it invades and disrupts our chi = it must be stopped! This photo here show Kirilian photo of the chi of our hands.

5/ Coming in 2020:


New e-book How to Start, Stay and Succeed at Tai Chi by Tony Stewart.

Special personal training's focus planning for all current and New beginners. Life coaching and much more.


6/ Events Scheduled for 2020:

Krabbenfoor / Festival van het Goede Leven 2020: 

De belangrijkste gegevens voor dit jaar op een rij:

  • 4 dagen: 23 juli t/m 26 juli 2020

  • Openingstijden markt: donderdag 12.00-21.00, vrijdag 12.00-21.00,

  • zaterdag 12.00-18.00, zondag 12.00-17.00 uur

  • Location of our standplaats will follow later!

Photos and Quote of the Month.

My poem on 5G:

Oh G what have they done.
Is it possible they know this will not be fun.

As its rolled out so much will bite the dust.
Oh my God, who are these people we voted for and trust.

Have they not heard about our chi
and the negative impact our bodies energy will have when exposed to their beloved 5G

My family motto is never despair
yet as I observe so very many are really totally unaware.

So many laughed at all those tree huggers.
Not anymore as we see that they are all just clever buggers.

What shall we do if the birds are all gone away
and the bees stop buzzing to sweeten our day.

The media is in lock down and keeping the standard line.
As most of us are unaware of what’s coming and think it’s going to be all just fine.

Fast internet they say and enjoy the internet of things.
As no asks what it all brings. What shall we do as so many will end up in hospital, in a cue.
If you look at what’s coming you might ask, is there anyone we can sue?

All eyes are now on this new flu
Yet compared to the 5G, that will be a drop in the ocean and there will be little we can do.

It may well be stopped and all get grounded
as their marketing benefits proved unfounded.

If it all goes ahead and a way and what to do must be found.
Not to get mad but to get even must surely start with having our feet on the ground.

To stop, dissolve these micro waves is within our might.
Oh I do hope the 5G will be avoided and leaving us all safe, feeling well and alright.

Happy Chi,
Tony Stewart.

The video(s) of the month 


Carnavalsvakantie:  Maandag 24 februari t/m Zondag 1 maart 2020

2e Paasdag:                Maandag 13 April 2020

Meivakantie:             Maandag  20 April t/m Zondag 3 Mei 2020

Koningsdag:              Maandag 27 april 2020

Hemelvaart:              Donderdag 21 Mei 2020

2e Pinksterdag:         Maandag 1 Juni 2020

Zomervakantie:        Zaterdag  1 Augustus t/m  Zondag 23 Augustus 2020

Herfsvakantie:          Zaterdag 17 Oktober t/m 25 Oktober 2020

Kerstvakantie:          Maandag 21 December t/m 4 Januari 2021

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