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Nieuws & Events:

1 May 2021 updated 1st May 2021

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Meivakantie              01 mei 2021 t/m 09 mei 2021

Hemelvaart:               Donderdag 13 Mei 2021 & 2de Pinksterdag 24 Mei

Zomer vakantie:         9 Augustus t/m 29 Augustus 2021

Lesrooster summary until we can train in the gymzaal halls/locations.

Geniet van de Tai Chi buitenlessen  = tijdelijk lesrooster tot het weer mogelijk is om de lessen binnen te houden.

  • Maandagochtend: 09:30-10:45 Buiten de Sporthal de Boulevard in Bergen op Zoom 

  • Maandavond: 20:00-21:15 Montessorischool BoZ op het schoolplein

  • Dinsdagavond: 20:00-21:15 Jadedijk Buiten de gymzaal RsD (op 27 April geen les)

  • Woensdagavond: 19:00-20:15 & 20:00-21:15

  • Donderdagochtend: 09:30-10:45 Buiten jadedijk gymzaal RsD

  • Donderdagavond: 20:00-21:15 Montessorischool BoZ op het schoolplein

A very warm happy chi welcome to all the new students that have joined the beginners lessons in April. Super good enthusiastic and positive start made by you all. 

Newsflash! Good News!

Topadvocaat Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: “We hebben bewijzen dat Corona een misdaad is.”

De internationale topadvocaat Dr. Reiner Fuellmich heeft in het verleden diverse rechtszaken gewonnen tegen grote bedrijven zoals Shell en de Deutsche Bank, die hij persoonlijk had aangeklaagd wegens grootschalige corruptie. Nu klaagt deze beroemde jurist de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie en politieke overheden aan, wegens georganiseerde misdaden tegen de mensheid. Samen met ruim honderd wetenschappers, en een grote groep advocaten heeft hij het sluitende bewijs verzameld dat de covid pandemie opgezet spel is. Het doel is om de  wereldeconomie te verwoesten en de mensheid afhankelijk te maken van een kleine groep superrijken. 



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Authentic Yeung (Yang) Family Tai Chi  

 Beginners welkom vanaf Mei

Vrijblijvende GRATIS Proefles:

in Bergen op Zoom & Roosendaal 

Let op! reserveer uw proefles snel want vol is vol!

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Pfffff 2020 and 2021 has been an amazing, testing, bizarre and very tough challenging times for so many! Are you looking to learn real mindfulness, feel free to be! Really how to improve your health and all round welbeing. Then give yourself a unique present and join us at Tai Chi 4 You. Enjoy an  amazing journey of mind, body and spirit. Step by step learn holistic health and real Tai Chi, real mindfulness energizing your chi fit and flow 
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Inspirational Quotes of the week! Helping you stay strong, feel good, practice more and keep focused

"Get in the know, become aware and what you discover be sure to share! Take the time to study the many doctors, the world best scientist that truly know, as this will ensure you stay healthy, safe and able to enjoy your real happy chi flow" Tony Stewart

Heads up news!! Featuring: Important heads up videos on the Covid or trial rushed through experimental quack-cine.

News extra: Important awareness videos and recommended websites to visit and much more.

Advocaat Reiner Fuellmich geeft update over ‘Neurenberg 2’: Er is licht aan het einde van de tunnel

12 april 2021 

Enkele maanden geleden sprak advocaat Reiner Fuellmich met Jerm Warfare over zijn plannen om de WHO voor de rechter te slepen wegens misdaden tegen de menselijkheid. Hij is één van de machtigste advocaten in Europa en bereidt momenteel de grootste groepszaak uit de geschiedenis voor, ook wel bekend als ‘Neurenberg 2’.

Enkele dagen geleden sprak Fuellmich opnieuw met Jerm Warfare om de laatste stand van zaken door te nemen. “Er is licht aan het einde van de tunnel,” zei hij. “We hebben rechtszaken gewonnen en gaan er nog veel meer winnen.”

Healthy Body is a Wealthy body awareness info

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Did you know?
Did you also know?
Are you aware that...
A really excellent web page that gives you the answers and really raises your awareness of experimental gene jabs 

The remoted replay of the holocaust by the oligarchs. 
Israel holocaust survivor Vera Sharav (public advocate for human rights and the founder and president of the Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP)) interviewed by
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (German lawyer) -

A cut from Corona investigative committee Nr. 44

click here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/wvzjwUatL7nV/

Christian Elliot

Apr 6​  17 min read

18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine

Updated: Apr 19


5 mins
EudraVigilance-4.24 (1).jpg

during today 29 april the tragic number of deaths caused directly to the gene jabs is now  at 4:35pm today

8,430 DEAD 354,177 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”

April 29, 2021 4:35 pm

"Its is very worth while to point out that this official figure is only the lowest figure..many thousands are going undetected , only 10% gets reported and recorded leaving 90% going unreported and now famously being put down to coincidences etc..The PCR test has a different history! Given the fact that I now have a worrying number of students and ex students who have experienced side effects some very serious I cannot hesitate or hold back in raising what i now believe to be that we are in the first stages of the greatest genocidal crimes against humanity the world has ever known. After many years of researching the dark shadow world of the jabs big pharma is clear our national Governments is lying to us and neglecting the vast majority of worlds best experts and any respected voices of concern. As you can see from advocaat Reiner Fuellmich that the light is getting bigger at the end of the tunnel.. It is my hope that their incredible crimes will be revealed and the many victims who mostly unwittingly had the gene therapy jabs will receive the care support and holistic medical help required.

The FDA, the highest authority in America on the Drug industry and approval of them have once again confirmed that they WILL NOT BE APPROVING THE EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY. THEY CONFIRM THAT IT DOES NOT WORK AND HAS NOT BEEN TESTED & AUDITED CORRECTLY!" Tony Stewart


🔺A lot of people are surprised when they hear that doctors and scientists are speaking out about the Covid hoax. 


In case you’re in any kind of doubt, here’s a list of some Professionals, (Doctors and Scientists) who HAVE QUESTIONED the official narrative. I would recommend looking up any of these on their own websites, or brand new tube. 


▪︎Dr. Rashid Buttar  ▪︎Dr. Andrew Kaufman  ▪︎Dr. Annie Bukacek  ▪︎Dr. Thoman Cowan  ▪︎Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai  ▪︎Dr. James Hidrith  ▪︎Dr. Bruce Lipton  ▪︎Dr. Robert Young    ▪︎Dr. Judy Mikovits   ▪︎Prof. Dolores Cahill   ▪︎Dr. Mercola   ▪︎Dr. Ericson   ▪︎Dr. Ivette Lozano   ▪︎Professor Knut Wittkowski 

 ▪︎Dr. Sherri Tenpenny   ▪︎Denis Rancourt   ▪︎Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi   ▪︎Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg   ▪︎Dr. Joel Kettner   ▪︎Dr. John Loannidis   ▪︎Dr. Yoram   ▪︎Dr Pietro Vernazza  ▪︎Frank Ulrich Mongomery   ▪︎Prof. Hendrik Streeck   ▪︎Dr. Yanis Roussel   ▪︎Dr. David Katz   ▪︎Dr. Michael Osterholm 

 ▪︎Dr. Peter Goetzsche   ▪︎Dr. Sunetra Gupta   ▪︎Dr. Karin Molling   ▪︎Dr. Anders Tegnell   ▪︎Dr. Pablo Goldscmidt   ▪︎Dr. Eran Bendavid   ▪︎Dr. Jay Bhattacharya   ▪︎Dr. Tom Jefferson  ▪︎Dr. Michael Levitt   ▪︎Dr. Richard Schabas   ▪︎Kate Shemirani   ▪︎Julian Rose   ▪︎Barbara ONeil   ▪︎Prof. Yavid Finkelstein    ▪︎Dr. Murcato Ravindrefed  ▪︎Prof. Graham Axlerod   ▪︎Prof. Jennifer Hintze   ▪︎Dr. Andreas Grundhaven    ▪︎Dr. Merton Yipple    ▪︎Prof. Swami Bhakhavavadvad   ▪︎Dr. Barton Berstaffler

▪︎Prof. Qiong Hong-Lamin   °U.S. Senator Dr.Scott Jensen   °Dr. Stella Immanuel   °Mark Devlin    °Dr. Vernon Coleman   °Dr. Muhammad Igbal Adil  °Dr.Kelly Victory   °Francis Abraham   °Dr. Fidel Fernandez   °Edwin A. Burn   °Homer Lim    °Dr.Edwin Bien   * Dr Mike Yeadon   * Dr Tapper  * Dr  

* Dr Leland Stillman   *Dr Carrie Madej   *Denis Rancourt PhD *Professor Geert van den Boosche

* Dr Northrup   * Dr Charles Hoffe * Dr Heiko Schoniing * Dr Mohamand Adil  * Dr Elke de Klerk * Dr Scott Jensen Dr Hilde Smet  * Dr Johan Denis  * Dr R Zac Cox& many thousands more who have risked their distinguished careers to tell the public and the authorities the truth of what is unfolding.


Their views are being banned, censored, deleted and blocked on social media! 



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Truths about CVax

Vitally Important Truthful Awareness Info:

I have put together referenced information for you all, to help raise your awareness of the vast majority of the worlds experts and aid the process of Informed Consent. Hopefully this will inspire you to do your own further research. Avoid conspiracy theories and special interest so called fact checkers!

Must watch videos, documentaries, relevant info, research data, website links and many recommended websites to support your further self defense research. Real happy chi requires a strong open kung fu minded attitude. Avoiding the critically important research will give short term gain and perhaps long term pain. Be aware of the special interest red herring fact checkers stalking the search engines.  Get in the know so you can maintain a happy chi flow whilst protecting yourself and loved ones in the process where possible. Visit the page here: 

German Microbiologist: “They are Killing People with these COVID Vaccines” to Reduce the World’s Population

Click on the photo to watch his mega important interview!




Meivakantie              01 mei 2021 t/m 09 mei 2021

Hemelvaart:              13 Mei 2021

Zomervakantie         9 August 2021 t/m 29 August 2021

Herfstvakantie          23 oktober 2021 t/m 31 oktober 2021

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Happy chi, 


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Massive peaceful protest in London on 24th April! Estimated 600,000 plus yet MSM totally ignored it!! ??