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Whether you are a complete beginner or have trained for years you can benefit from a private, personal lesson You will receive One-on-one instruction from Authentic Tai Chi Master Tony Stewart, with over 30 years of experience and the Founder of Tai Chi 4 You : The Original Yang Style Internal Arts School.

Tony offers you expert one-to-one private tuition which are available during the morning or afternoon and sometimes on the weekends. Tailor made series of lessons that match your concerns wants and needs.


What are the reasons and benefits of Personal / Private Lessons?

As a special pre start introduction to Tai Chi & Qigong = It can be daunting walking into a class for the first time but after a  private lesson most people feel much more confident

You are a Tai Chi 4 You member but want to do do a few extra one to one lessons and boost / fast-track your learning, Or learn an extra Tai Chi form that is not currently being practiced in the lesson roster program.

Don’t let your circumstances stop you or delay you from starting to renew your life: 

  • Change of work hours.

  • You have family commitments so can't get to the current class times making private lessons ideal option.

  • A medical condition or trauma, obese weight challenges, in a wheelchair, recovering from an operation or injury, burn out or a personal crisis moment in your life and seek the huge benefits of regular private lessons can bring you. 

  • Irregular work schedule can make private lessons ideal for you to fit in classes at a time of your convenience. 

  • Staring or running your business and want to keep fit focused and relaxed as your work hard under pressure. All too often working hours prevent you attending regular classes making private lessons a tax back and great part of your business and life plan. 

  • You are a student and facing exam stress or you are about to start a new business or develop that business further then Tony’s personal development program will give you the boost you need.


  • Top sports player: You want to improve your all round skills and be able to perform better under stress, move faster and more efficiently. 

  • Self-defense lessons

  • Pushing hands lessons or Qigong

  • Personal training / life coaching: Get real results! Go quickly from stress to success with a series of coaching sessions helping you to get back onto your track and continue the journey you want and deserve.

Lifestyle "from stress to success" Coaching also available to give you a unique fresh start and begin to create the life you want to live. Tony's "happy chi coaching" incorporates proven tried and tested and natural self development principles that have inspired generations to improve their lives in so many ways. This modern day principles of successful living life coaches, depth psychology and combined with east and west great spiritual Traditions. 


Whatever your reason or benefits you want to achieve...........


You can book a 1 hour session by phone, email or website by using the 'contact' page


Private lessons are held at any of the locations I have available, your own preferred location, such as outdoors in a beautiful location or of course in the comfort of your own home. 

Your investment:

Intake and enrollment evaluation 30 minutes = €20:00 Inclusive handout course information en personal training program 

1 hour private session, one to one €40:00 (exclusive travel cost) No travel fees within 10 km of Bergen op Zoom. 

Special rate for students'Please contact for more details.

1 hour session, for two persons  €75:00

Private lessons for small groups can be quoted for subject to location and your specific needs.


To book your private lesson click on this button: 

or call Tony at 0031 626906168

To view the groups lessons currently available click on the link below or go directly to the lesson roster page.

Remember when you procrastinate you can be professionally crashing your destination!

So make your way and don’t delay 😊 and book a Private Lesson Now!


Book your Tai Chi lesson and/or your Happy Chi private coaching session today. 


Happy Chi and look forward to meeting you!

Tony Stewart.

Private lessons Tai Chi, Qigong

& Personal lifestyle Coaching

From Stress to Success!

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