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How to Protect against 5G Radiation, EMF and WiFi Pollution

Practical Positive solutions on what you can do and how you can protect yourself, family and friends.

How To Protect Yourself (And Your Family) From 5G Radiation written by Christian
🛌😴🔸️Make sure you're taking these cautionary measures when you go to bed at night.
🔸️Keep radiation away to give you restful sleep and help keep your exposure levels down.

Rather than rewrite the cycle I am pleased to copy paste these excellent helpful tips and the link below to allow you to view his blog in extra tab.

I thank this man, Christian, for his good efforts to raise awareness and help us all.

His article:

I recently wrote up, what I think, is the most definitive and helpful guide to the dangers of 5G radiation. I went in-depth into what 5G is, why it’s substantially more dangerous, and when we should expect to see it. At the end of the article, I had a section on what you can do about it, but I wasn’t really as thorough as I wanted it to be.

So, I decided to write this article, to outline exactly how you can protect yourself from 5G radiation in the coming months, and years, as it begins to roll out and become more mainstream.

Since this article is going to focus more on solutions, I’m going to start right in with that. If you first want to learn more about what 5G is, check out my in-depth guide here.

Alright, let’s get right into what you can do to protect against 5G.

Protecting Against 5G Radiation

So, when we talk about the dangers of 5G, and how we can protect ourselves, we have to approach it from a bit of a holistic approach. This is mostly because it will be so pervasive in our everyday lives.

So, we need to talk about how to protect our homes from the smaller, more common, cell towers that are being built, we need to protect ourselves from our cell-phones that will be communicating with these towers, etc.

So, I’ll do this as a step by step approach.

Please click on this link below and get these 5 summary points listed and a host of positive solutions : full details and very helpful tips.

1. Use Distance To Your Advantage

2. Protect Your Home From 5G

3. Get An EMF Meter

4. Your Cell Phone and 5G

5. Advocate Against 5G

If you want to learn more about EMF meters or find out which is best for you, you can check out my full guide here.

click here to visit Christians blog

What you can buy to protect yourself:

7 Best EMF Protection Cell Phone Cases [2020]

WATCH: Learn About DefenderShield® Technology:

More info click here:

Whole House EMF Protection – The Definitive Guide

written by Christian 

click here for more info:

EMF Academy Product Recommendations: click on link

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5 Tips for Safer Cell Phone Use During the Covid-19 Pandemic

By Helen Lucey, Senior Digital Marketing Manager


Covid-19 has made us all depend more on wireless technology. Whether you’re working remotely, attending school online or just staying in touch with family and friends, you’re more reliant than ever on Wi-Fi and cell service.

Although these technologies can empower us to keep working, learning and socializing while safely at home, they also come with their own risks.

Cell phone and Wi-Fi routers rely on non-ionizing electromagnetic fields in the radiofrequency range, or RF-EMF, to transmit signals wirelessly. This type of radiation has been linked to brain cancer, emotional and hyperactivity disorders in kids, and to migraines. The World Health organization categorizes radiofrequency radiation as possibly carcinogenic to humans. But more research still needs to be done.

Here are steps you can take to reduce your exposure to RF-EMF radiation while staying connected.

  1. Use a headset or speaker phone so you don’t need to hold the phone against your head when speaking.

  2. Keep your phone, tablet and other wireless devices away from your body, even when they’re not in use. Don’t keep your phone in your pocket, tucked into clothes or on your lap.

  3. Keep devices in airplane mode when you can. Asks your kids to keep their devices in airplane mode when they’re playing games or in class.

  4. Make sure you have strong service. Fewer bars equals more radiation, since the phone has to work harder to broadcast its signal. Try using Wi-Fi to connect instead if your cell signal is weak.

  5. Create a separate space for your Wi-Fi router. Don’t keep it in your bedroom or right next to the office desk.

Stupidest idea in history.png

I hear you saying: What about Tai Chi and Qigong? and Can this help me too against 4G & 5G?

Answer is yes it can!

Get out and about in nature. In the woods and were possible to walk in bare feet.  Climate change and the micro waves of 4g and 5G is apparently increasing the tiks and bugs in the woods so one must take good mindful care to ensure you stand in a qigong or do your tai chi in safety.

Stand near to an old tree and enjoy meditating in your qigong posture or doing your form. This will help ground you and thus restore your chi and health.

Qigong roots you deep into the earth and
Qigong master.jpg
Practice tai Chi Out doors Tai Chi 4 You
Everything is chi and connected.jpg
Body Align logo.png

Check out the very good selection of products you can consider to acquire as you strive to protect all your loved ones and yourself from the hidden multi layered negative effects of 4G 5G and Wifi EMF Poluution

Click on this link and enjoy:

Very nice supportive interview!

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