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Artikelen geschreven door Tony Stewart

Practising Tai Chi at home


The ego is not interested in you being healthy.

You need to convince it that in practicing regularly is for mind body and spirit very wealthy.


Looking after our self its littered with 10,000+ excuses.

Not mention your health and well being simply reduces.


If you want to practice, one must really decide.

Trust you are on the right path and journey, so enjoy the ride.


Make the decision and move as you do.

Enjoy your training knowing its good for you.


Procrastination, I have no time and what if I do it wrong.

Let all those kind of thoughts simply be gone.


Each time you practice no matter when or were.

You can dedicate your good efforts to all you love, being better able to help and care.


Integrate your Tai Chi training into your daily life.

Feeling the benefits, helping to avoid trouble and strife.


Your training is never wasted.

Especially after Christmas time and all that food you tasted. 😊


Happy Merry Christmas chi, Tony.

Written by Tony Stewart Tai Chi 4 You December 2023


Yes its my Christmas poem time again :) 2021

Freedom to be is real happy chi
A life that is restricted and coded is not the way to be!

Free to be throughout each and every year
Its always extra special at this Merry Christmas time of love and all that joyful cheer.

Shine your light this Christmas time to all far and wide
Keep strong have faith that truth and justice will prevail as goodness positively turns the tide.

Set your Christmas tree letting it shine through each long dark night.
Knowing that things will workout and be alright.

Only you and your maker hold your God given immunity.
So live life to the full as you enjoy living in this all wonderful community.

Awareness of danger leads to long term happy chi.
Holistically preparation, practice and perseverance is the key.

Strive to enjoy a good healthy open mind.
Research in all that's now unseen being kept very hidden, that's effecting all of mankind. 

Lies gives endless fears and has very many mutations
The truth is the truth and has no variations.

Strengthen your mind and relax as you go the extra mile.
Get out of your comfort zone as you do so enjoying it all with a smile.

Have a very Merry Christmas, dream and enjoy making lots of good wishes.
As you better pray your dishwasher works otherwise you will be enjoying the zen of washing up the dishes :)

Love and Happy Christmas chi, Tony Stewart 10 12 2021


Extra poem which I wrote / came to me as I was training this morning:


The freedoms they all so bravely fought for on D Day beach.

Are going fast and soon lost forever and soon be out of reach!


The world wide psych op of deception

Is leading the masses in a dangerous unhealthy direction.


When do we hear them talk about the vital need for good diet, vitamins and exercise.

Ask yourself why are they ignoring something so wise.


We are now told that our natural immunity now has run out of date.

As the masses dutifully stand in line awaiting their fate.


Overcome all this fear with love and do what’s right

Otherwise the human race may regret it all night after night.


What is the solution I hear you cry.

Its simple my dear friends, just don’t comply.


The spiritual path of love to all far and wide.

Is all we must decide.

Love and Happy Christmas chi, Tony Stewart 11 12 2021



Loosen & Go 
from you head to your toe.

Root to the heel
To get the feel.

Be in disguise 
as you step with tigers eyes.

How about that 
as you walk like a cat.

To get the heat 
you must root to your feet.

How can one’s mind be sound? if your mind is not rooted in the ground.

Avoid the din and go within
Listen to the divine and all will be fine.

When the joints are loose, smooth and flowing your mind and body can express its knowing.

The mysteries of movement in stillness is at the summit. 
and as you move like a flash your opponent will be left wondering who done it!

Written by Tony Stewart 
Tai Chi 4 You

January 2018

Through the night we experience our dreams.

Then wake up contemplating all what it seems.

As we sit at the side of our bed
it's important to start with a clear head.

So take your mind to your feet
as you prepare to enjoy your day and all you will meet.

As you stand up do so from the ground. 
Take time to feel rooted and don't make a sound.

Breath in, breath out finding your feet 
then once there you can step forward and enjoying your day and all you are destined to meet.


Written By Tony 18 march 2018


Inspired by my new journey of discovery that after 30 years I am now on in my Tai Chi Development and feeling so very privileged honored to do so. I yesterday and today wrote down this short poem:

"Tai Chi FLOW before FOCUS,
makes it all HOCUS POCUS! 

The Secrets oh so profound
can only be achieved when you get into the ground.

So learn each step on the way
then in combat one might live to enjoy another day"

HAPPY CHI Tony Stewart.

"Take good care of your body.
Its the only real home you have to live in ! "

So be the good hunter that is focused, alert with relaxed power taking aim and hits the target that's is your happy healthy fulfilling joyful life. 
Happy chi & enjoy your unique flow, Tony Stewart
PS: Nice photo of the late great Yang Style Grand Master Fu Zhongwen. Symbolic name of posture coded expression "Bending the bow to shoot the tiger"

By Tony Stewart Tai Chi 4 You

This morning after my qigong meditation I wrote this poem down to express a voice to those who feel theirs is lost when things go wrong, not listened to and feeling all in distressed etc: Life can come along and either tire you or inspire you! I hope this will inspire you.

Find your voice and sing your song.
Yet this doesn't always mean your problems are gone.
Don't feel blocked
and don't be shocked

When barking up the wrong tree 
Just let it be.

Go within and find your feet
then from there enjoy imagining all the good you will meet.

When ones heart goes out and finds itself in a drought
It goes within and becomes full of doubt.
This tension of it all makes our heart become too hot going to places that it should not.

Our ego misdirects our heart, creating an false illusion that our aims are tied in a knot.

So don't despair and never resist, just keep going and always persist.

Keep on track when nothing comes back and don't panic for your life hasn't been given the sack.

Focus on your love and passion for don't worry its not gone out of fashion :)
Love and happy chi, Tony.

November 2017

Written by Tony Stewart Tai Chi 4 You.

Easy vs Difficult?

Tai Chi & Qigong:
Easy verses Difficult??
Over the years I have increasingly noticed a pattern of almost all new students wanting to know if tai Chi is easy to learn and also how long does it take to learn the basics etc.
All understandable if stress and life itself is feeling very difficult and perhaps full of problems.
One can write a long essay on these questions and matters. Yet here is a quick commentary on it:

My advice is no matter what don’t wish for tai chi to be easy! Otherwise like so many modern sports or exercises they accommodate, a learn it all in five minutes easy to do offer. Which results that even though you want to stay at it within no time one stops. Why? because it did not challenge or stimulate them enough.
Tai Chi is in fact both easy and yes difficult to learn.
If Tai Chi & Qigong was either easy or difficult it would be a flat line which of course is hardly the flow of life!
So if after your first lessons you are finding it all very difficult and yet still smiling as you discover yourself then you have found what you are looking for 😊
A monkey looks for easy pickings yet a tiger or eagle stays the course and with focus and attention and intention. All too often first phase beginners or even more experienced students can be attacked within by a kind of monkey mind of doubts, fears and taxed by a ego that seeks to gain things and quickly too.
Stress, difficult lifestyle and perhaps a host of emotional or physical challenges cannot be eased and changed for the better by easy passive convenient solutions. Whatever the issue at hand, the approach to solve it must be also 100% happy chi focus and attention. So look long term with positive intention and believe more in the solutions are now being discovered than wanting the problem(s) to be solved with easy work!
Once you attune to this kung fu of your mind then go for it, with that mind set you then truly enjoy creating your own unique new story and flow. 
Once you get through and understand this alignment then you can relax knowing either physically or mentally 1000% of negativity can be defeated / neutralized by 4% of Positivity.

Flush out, flush away, releasing your stresses and pains as you have a laugh enjoying your healthy all new you gains 😊 
Happy Chi, Tony Stewart. Tai Chi 4 You.


H = Health, Harmony & Holistic

A = Awareness, Attitude & Action.

P = Preparation, Practice & Perseverance.

P = Positivity, Principled & Purpose.

Y = Youthfulness, Yielding & You.

Coded by Tony Stewart 25 April 2012.

The key secret to practicing Tai Chi & Qigong at home and bringing the step by step skills into your daily life is to "Decide Direct & Do" Don't give up! instead Up your giving! Apply Decide Direct & Do to anything in your life and you will see great results.

Happy Chi from Tony Stewart.

Voorkomen is beter dan genezen!

June 26, 2015


Tony Stewart founder of Tai Chi 4 You

“Stress gerelateerde ziekte is snel een wereldse epidemie aan het worden in onze moderne maatschappij. Het kost zowel werkgever als werk nemer en hun familie samen miljoen euro’s door verloren productiviteit, winst, verminderde werk prestaties met al de gevolgen daarvan.”


Voorkomen is beter dan genezen!

My week:
We used to go on strike
to give our pay check a hike!

But now we simply groan
and worry about the next loan.

Oh my god we have lost our kung fu
As we all seem to act as if we haven’t got a clue.

Behaving like sad sheep 
and pretending to be happy to live life on the cheap.

Its all in plastic yet we do nothing drastic. 
For we fear its all too late and don’t want to do anything and get irate.

Yet we must surely know that we can never turns things around
by being wimps and never making a sound.

This week I’ve seen a roller coaster of environmental news stories,
The horrors of which, should have shaken us all to panic and march on the Tories.

Our sky’s are being sprayed
with a price we are all going to see paid.

Micro plastics in our waters,
pheeew and I used to worry about giving cola to my daughters.

Why is Fukushima never in the news?
I suspect they are all afraid of our views.

The last white rhino passed away extinct for ever
Yet it was mentioned on the news as if it was just the weather.

The Russians did it said the spider to the fly,
I am sorry you are stuck and I don’t know why?

As Mrs May turns Brexit into a bore
she looks like she going to start a new cold war.

Donald Trump fires national figures via his twitters
As he hires war mongers that may prove to be big hitters!

So that was our week, not bad hey not too bleak.


What more can I say,
its either time to act or we better make sure we pray

Its time we all found our voice because quite simply we don’t have any choice.
As I conclude “my week” I ask us all what do we all seek?

Wishing you all happy chi,
Tony Stewart.

Posted 24 march 2018

Keep you intention and attention on what you believe in and what you want to see manifest in your life! Believe in yourself and your abilities. Focus on having a enthusiastic can do mind set. If you experience a can’t do situation then without doubt someone will show you how you can! Don’t wait to see things happen just believe it! Decide, Direct and Do: Doing just that means its already happened in your mind which is a good start for the rest. That is a good way to attract wonderful things into your life. Don't waste your time thinking that you cannot do something. A fear of doing something wrong will make you a expert and doing nothing.
So do your tai chi with this CAN DO mind set of belief. This is valid for a first week beginner or a highly experienced tai chi practitioner. Break the word CAN down into C for caring A for attentive/awareness & N for Now = See Can Do mind set as meaning for yourself that you are caring, attentively for yourself NOW. Don’t worry about doing it right or wrong, just do it! Perhaps worry if you allow doubt and fear to prevent you doing what you want. Then quickly shift to Can Do Now. Your happiness will be the habitual regular joy of saying to yourself I am doing it and celebrating the “I did it” feeling!
Happy chi from Tony. Tai Chi 4 You


Tony Stewart

28 March 2017 · 

Every night as one goes to bed the ego dies! and the world of dreams rules the way. All we must do is listen to what it may have to say.
Life is full of moments of time that all come and go.
We are not here to act in a show
we are here to create, give, love and grow!
There are times in life when one must let things go, 
if not one gets entangled in others drama's and that is not what we want to know.
Once ones hands are free then one feels free to be!
Then ones real show can continue on its path
not distracted and also able to have a laugh :)

This song played by good chance! on my CD said it all to me with some of these words having a particularly good meaning and nicely timed too. 
Welcome to the new things of life and I am going to enjoy the next show that indeed must go on! 
Happy chi & love from Tony.

Study Materiaal

Tai Chi & Qigong principles:

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Examples Yin & Yang


Yang Chen Fu 10 important principles.


Overzicht van de five Elements


De Acht Technieken van Tai Chi Chuan. The Eight Directions & Techniques of Tai Chi Chuan



Artikelen geschreven door Tony Stewart


De Genezende Krachten van Tai Chi Chuan By Tony Stewart founder of Tai Chi 4 You


Voorbereiding Hiutvoering en Volharding. Preparation, Practice & Persevance


De Waarom Factor by Tony Stewart


Key Esentials of Tai Chi Chuan


Wat is de Chi Fit & Flow trainingsprogramma by Tony Stewart


Tai Chi 4 Horse Riding Workshops by Tony Stewart Tai Chi 4 You


Tai Chi 4 Riders & Horses The Benefits by Tony Stewart Tai Chi 4 You 


Tai Chi Forms Informatie


108 Original Yang Style Names of postures.


Yang Family 108 Long form Levels.


I am pleased to announce that I got a very nice surprise this week from the Dutch Acupuncture National Association. Paul van Delft informed me that I have won the National competition of the NVA with my one liner and poem 😆😬☺️🙏
I was ask by my acupuncturist for a one liner to promote Chinese medicine acupuncture throughout the Netherlands.
Early January sent it in and wow I won it 🙏☯️

This was the message I received: Van harte gefeliciteerd Tony, ik vind het echt geweldig en hartstikke leuk voor je. Eindelijk mag ik zeggen . Door de Corona virus is alles in de war geraakt. Maar Tony je bent de winnaarvan de NVA prijs vraag."" 

Its a good news story I certainly appreciate in these strange times. My intention was to write a line that respected the wisdom of masters of hundreds of years ago, respect the hard working living acupuncture masters of today as they apply their skills to benefit so many. I hope many more will discover and have acupuncture in the coming years. I'm feeling happy contented chi. With thanks to our local acupuncture master Paul van Delft for entering me to the competition 🍾🥂🥳🙏
This is my contribution:

“Is great wisdom behind a needle, to restore good health, harmony and flow to the people”

My Poem about acupuncture:

With the needle getting to the point.
It opens the pathways through each and every joint.

Revitalizing the body by getting it back into its flows
Helping the body relax and do all it already knows.

Unlocking the body’s gateways and zones
Restoring the patient to balance avoiding a life of grunts and groans.

All the talk of healing and prevention is only part of the plan.
For it is helping them get even better at being able to do all they can.

So include acupuncture in your life and trust the process.
For its treatment method will match its unique insight and diagnosis.

Promoting healing of your mind and body with a pin.
Helping you restore your health and that’s for sure a win win.

Written by Tony Stewart
Founder of Tai Chi 4 You
Authentic Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan

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