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"A Healthy body is a wealthy body!" Lifestyle & Awareness menu 

Positive things to do. Proactive and clever solutions offered / suggested to offer you practical information / advice to raise your awareness. Helping you restore your health, improve your health & fitness thus allowing you to transform your life giving you relax management skills to help you maintain a happy joyfulful balance harmonious vitality way of living. 

New Tai Chi 4 You blog:
Mind Body and Spirit:
Health and fitness awareness: 
5G, wi-fi, The proven dangers and quality solutions and products that can help protect you. Actions you can proactively do.
Bad chi things to avoid or ward off!
Awareness info of the dangers of Aluminum, toxic chemicals in our food chain, food additives and much more and why we must avoid them.
Tai Chi 4 You: Home Practice

Home training coaching tips, exercising warming up videos, supportive information helping you to enjoy practicing tai chi and qigong  at home or any good suitable place you choose to practice.

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