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Tai Chi: Easy verses Difficult?

Tai Chi & Qigong: Easy verses Difficult Over the years I have increasingly noticed a pattern of almost all new students wanting to know if tai Chi is easy to learn and also how long does it take to learn the basics etc. All understandable if stress and life itself is feeling very difficult and perhaps full of problems. One can write a long essay on these questions and matters. Yet here is a quick commentary on it: My advice is no matter what don’t wish for tai chi to be easy! Otherwise like so many modern sports or exercises they accommodate, a learn it all in five minutes easy to do offer. Which results that even though you want to stay at it within no time one stops. Why? because it did not challenge or stimulate them enough. Tai Chi is in fact both easy and yes difficult to learn. If Tai Chi & Qigong was either easy or difficult it would be a flat line which of course is hardly the flow of life! So if after your first lessons you are finding it all very difficult and yet still smiling as you discover yourself then you have found what you are looking for 😊 A monkey looks for easy pickings yet a tiger or eagle stays the course and with focus and attention and intention. All too often first phase beginners or even more experienced students can be attacked within by a kind of monkey mind of doubts, fears and taxed by a ego that seeks to gain things and quickly too. Stress, difficult lifestyle and perhaps a host of emotional or physical challenges cannot be eased and changed for the better by easy passive convenient solutions. Whatever the issue at hand, the approach to solve it must be also 100% happy chi focus and attention. So look long term with positive intention and believe more in the solutions are now being discovered than wanting the problem(s) to be solved with easy work! Once you attune to this kung fu of your mind then go for it, with that mind set you then truly enjoy creating your own unique new story and flow. Once you get through and understand this alignment then you can relax knowing either physically or mentally 1000% of negativity can be defeated / neutralized by 4% of Positivity.

Flush out, flush away, releasing your stresses and pains as you have a laugh enjoying your healthy all new you gains 😊 Happy Chi, Tony Stewart. Tai Chi 4 You.

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