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"Bending the bow to shoot the tiger"

"Take good care of your body. Its the only real home you have to live in ! "

So be the good hunter that is focused, alert with relaxed power taking aim and hits the target that's is your happy healthy fulfilling joyful life. Happy chi & enjoy your unique flow, Tony Stewart PS: Nice photo of the late great Yang Style Grand Master Fu Zhongwen. Symbolic name of posture coded expression "Bending the bow to shoot the tiger"

My Tai Chi 4 You one liner of the week is "leave the mind alone" That is to get out of your head and reside, rest into your body which of course is also a brain of most wonderful intelligence. Arrive into your feet and mindfully into the ground as a tree forms its root so must you. Explore the amazing results of simply standing still in qigong posture for just a few minutes a day.. This action of kindness for yourself will give wonderful results. Seek and you will find! Do the finding in and you will find out the great positive results. Happy chi, Tony.🙏 PS: It is a fragile world as we can be too. It is worth noting that our collective ego projections must withdraw! In doing Qigong your ego loses as you gain... could this not be what the classic Taoist line "profit in loss" alluded too?

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