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Mindfulness Tai Chi at traffic lights

Waiting at a traffic light junction today the first two cars pulled off and then the one in front of me stalled! I had one tenth of a second to decide to find this a focus for stress and frustration or to simply happily except what it is in that moment. As I smiled i relisted just how important it is to train the brain / ones unconscious thoughts to instantly engage in such moments warmly and with happy chi...instead of getting stressed I simply became mindful of other things in that moment which gives a positive opportunity etc. Of course you guessed it. The same poor driver repeated my mindful lesson again. It was as if my new findings of relax management was being double checked and tested.. Oddly all the cars behind me we panicking and desperate to save a few seconds life... This became for me just as entertaining as the poor lady suffering with her car.Happiness is a choice that one must be in a split second. Just to reassure all my friends at both lights I managed at first flow to just make it through the green light....but did so laughing :)

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