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I was just discussing with a good friend, how often people allow themselves to discuss, think about, worry about, get angry about or upset and distracted by the behavior of others. We do so as if somehow our thoughts and feelings simply go out of the body. They don't! They also go inwards transforming the body. Practice letting go of thinking/feeling about someones behavior or a negative situation/problem and thus protect and maintain your inner peace! . When you push back or resist their actions you allow it to get into you. However, when you simply except that it is happening, allow yet one instantly redirects it and let go of it then one manintains inner peace. In Pushing Hands, we seek to maintain yin yang balance even while attack. This is the same! Tai Chi Chuan & Qigong body structure principles and general practice helps protect the mind body and spirit. I have a saying which expresses this = "you can't be able if you are not stable". So if your body is out of alignment or tense etc then you have a higher chance of letting others disrupt or destroy your inner peace. Daily practice of Tai Chi & Qigong builds up grounded connection which gives one protection!! :) Happy chi, Tony.

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