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Wifi in schools proven dangerous!

Take a look at the video below that shows the dangers of Wi-Fi. It shows an example of a school that went wireless and that affected the health of children –

One of the reasons we’ve been living in the countryside was due to the stressful life in the city and the constant buzz (you know what I mean). Although there is one cell phone tower far away and our work happens only on the computer, there is less EMF radiation because our use of other electronic devices is minimum. We recently stopped using wi-fi and felt a lot of difference, don’t use a microwave oven or TV or radio, and we hardly use the cell phone too.

Completely eliminating exposure to EMF might be close to impossible, because power lines run all over the place, but you can always minimize it by taking precautions like using the land line at home and work instead of a cordless or a cell phone. Also cutting down on mobile use, switching off the wi-fi modem when not in use and reducing use of other electronic devices will prove beneficial for your health!

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