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The meridians in actions

Are we all 100% sure that our bodies chi system and natural flow will not be disrupted by 5G micro air waves of things? Shocking scientic evidence warns us already that it does have a very negative impact to our chi! When our chi is out of harmony and balance our health and wellbeing suffers. This entire meridian system does not need us to do anything except keep the ego mind from stressing and interfering with it This web that is without a weaver has never been threaten so much until these last years of 5G rolling out..Perhaps only nuclear or general polution will compete with 5G for that title of that to our well being and existance.

Stay positive and optimistic. Don't get mad , get even! I am writting an "even" healthy body is a wealthy body page on my website to raise awreness and hopefully maintain happy chi too.

Tony Stewart.


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