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Statement by Tony Stewart

Bijgewerkt op: 29 apr. 2021

Statement by Tony Stewart.

Tai Chi 4 You is fully committed to prevention is better than the cure principle. The practice of Tai Chi helps in protecting, improving, maintaining as optimal as possible your health, balance and vitality in MIND BODY & SPIRIT. It is not for nothing called the perfect exercise! Regular practicing Tai Chi & Qigong is very good for supporting/strengthening or restoring your immune system!

The vital role that regular Tai Chi & Qigong can have in your life has perhaps never been more needed, more important as it is now and in the months/years ahead.

We are living in very OMG unthinkable, amazing times and the challenges to us all are becoming clearer day by day. These challenges may well become even more incredibly testing to us all in the many months ahead.

Without any doubt the seven negative emotions are being excessively promoted, falsely created 24/7 in our day to day lives. In excess these seven are: (not grounded happiness (joy), anger, worry (overthinking), grief, sorrow, fear, and freight (shock). Also naturally being promoted and created is despair, disgust,. sadness, lack of joy, rage, resistance to what is happening, Loneliness, a sense of disconnection and division, a what’s the point laziness/melancholy and general annoyance restlessness. These naturally or unnaturally occurring yet negatively damaging stresses to our human system must be avoided, let go of / released as much as possible. Many of these negative emotions simple naturally happen as a result of life’s events and we perhaps cannot always prevent them. So instead of just stopping them one can start to shift the focus on imagining and creating a positive thinking and feeling mind set. Focus on what you want and what makes you feel good and commit to maintaining as positive a mindset as you can. Being grounded as you can, with optimal joyfulness, happy chi, loving life and living it being free to be.

“Do No Harm” Is the principle of all worlds medicine professions!

Most of our greatest scientific minds are warning us all of and being totally ignored / side lined by so obviously corrupted special self- interest dogmatic groups linked to the darker side of the pharmacist industry. Main Stream media is bizarrely doing propaganda the same way and using massive controlled censorship. The World Doctors for truth Alliance, many other leading respected institutions including the British medical Association and the large majority of top medical experts around the world are horrified by the collective decisions and actions that the Governments are doing. Efforts to stop. avert and limit the inevitable impacts to us all is being taken to the highest legal courts we have and succeeding globally. Progress is slow but sure. Humanity stands on the brink of catastrophic self-inflicted series of momentous events!

If this all pans out then and this is looking highly likely, then what to do will become even more important. What can I / we do will be a priority for sure.

I am lucky to be guided, coached and trained by one of the very best, most advanced internal arts Tai Chi, Qigong and Kung fu masters in the world.

These amazing skills I am deeply honored to convey to you all as best as I can.

Tai Chi 4 You School will focus on:

Developing a strong kung fu Mind, Body and Spirit! Teaching you this amazing art. Awareness coaching, bringing to you good sound information that you will benefit you becoming more conscious of what to avoid whilst at the same time offing you practical solutions, helping you through these times we are being forced to go through. Enjoy helping you getting to know yourself and the tai chi form. Feel the peacefulness as you do your weekly lesson(s) that will benefit and help you throughout your day to day lives.

Positive solutions on how to strengthen your immune system. Yes we do have a incredible fantastic immune system which we must trust, support and allow it to do its work. Getting in your ZEN, feeling centered and grounded. A focused relaxed mindfulness as you enjoy stillness in motion and motion in the stillness will help you avoid the opposing opposites of chaos vs over the top controlling that is effecting us so very much.

Tai chi regular practice can help you and your family to prevent, protect, restore and maintain your health, harmony and vitality no matter what the future brings.

Life is full of choices! Lets choose to imagine a good positive thriving future were holistic wellness, truth, justice, freedom to be and enjoying life to the full is loved and lived freely naturally. See it, feel it and do what you can to create it. Focus on what you want and avoid and say NO to what you don't want = Say yes to FREEDOM TO BE & DON'T comply or consent or facilitate what you do not want for yourself or your love ones!

Improve and transform your life as you exercise the secrets that are within! LOVE & free to be Happy chi, Tony.

NB: Thank you to all members, students that are returning to the lessons and a warm welcome to the many beginners that find us in the future.

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