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Raise Positive Vibes | 432hz Healing Frequency Music | Deep Zen Meditation | Spiritual Detox

A poem message to send to anyone you know, a dearly loved family member or a dear friend or indeed anyone you wish to help as they do their best to recover and transform themselves into good health..

My Love..............My good friend........

You are recovering and getting well.

Know that you are going to be saved by the bell.

You might be knocked down

But I know you are not done.

This happens for a reason

to show us their errors in this season.

Be strong and use your mind. Relax and let go and trust its good health you will find.

As you recover.

its your new self you will discover.

I know you will out wit this set back

as you will soon be strong and healthy and back on a good track.

So the good food and wine is waiting for you and love oh so divine.

Amen 🙏

Love and happy chi Tony Stewart

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