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My, Did you agree to 5G? poem

My, Did you agree to 5G? poem

The devil is enjoying its full swing and projected Leaving the majority of us unprotected

5G installed in all churches towers The Church of England selling its soul for the love of money and to keep all its powers.

What a thing to do Did anyone stop and ask you?

Sold as the wonderful internet of things and the dye is already cast When it’s really going to be the internal sickness of things coming thick and fast

For such an experiment on us all, so very untested It’s the devils work and so how can it be stopped and contested?

Hospitals, care homes and council flats et all with masts on the very top of their buildings so tall.

Those poor people’s health suffering, cooked and neglected Should we not follow the money and get those evil doers caught and arrested

Of 5G most are blissfully unaware of their various addictions creating denial or simply couldn’t care

People laugh and say it’s no different from the telly Meanwhile the dark elites are fattening their belly

Pregnant mothers with phones on their tummy used to sell it as if is all healthy joyful and very funny

Never a word against it on all the world’s main stream media Search engines restricted and the truth and evidence never fitting with their criteria

UN secretary laughs and jokes as the horror of it all is explained. Pushing it into the long grass with some daring to call them out getting deleted and drained.

What can we do and who can we sue.

For humanity and all our well being is at stake. So we better get our collective acts together and start by becoming awake.

Corona virus and black lives matter proving to be a great convenient controlling distraction Allowing the 5G to roll out and getting very little attention let alone reaction.

Facefake shrinks wraps your account and google leaves you hidden and can’t be found. Left deleted and so you can’t make a sound.

Maybe its karma being bequeathed on us all? How many will get through this, not to mention all creatures great and small

Must it all get so bad before the deep state finally fall only time will tell. I will never give up and I’m keeping my eye firmly on the ball.

Its invisible to the eye of the beholder seemingly too much for many to shoulder.

Politicians are unconscious of it and all very embracing. Totally without due care and attention to the horror of what we will all be facing.

Trust them some say, they wouldn’t do us any harm as we look at those fools bringing it all in with their charm.

For us all to enjoy blissful denial and failing to act Is tantamount to being part of the pact.

Cigarettes with all that puff and smoke was once seen as OK, with anyone complaining considered a joke.

5G symptoms can’t easily be linked and seen Disrupting life on earth more than smoking had ever been.

What if I’m wrong my ego will be sad. But if the experts are all right then omg things will get very bad.

So do something today that is peaceful and effective You better start now, there’s no time to waste being defective.

Sign that petition and write those letters you must If not we may let it all go to dust.

Love and Happy Chi Tony Stewart Tai Chi 4 You

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