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Intro to the all new Blog page

A Healthy Body is a wealthy body!

A all new awareness page dedicated to highlighting the various and serious negative health consequences of such fast coming developments as 5G micro waves , Food additives and much more! Yes on this page the focus will be linked to how our mind body and spirit is affected by these modern experiments on us all. Any latest research into the effects on our bio electron magnetic chi will be presented here but also various practical ways of self defense to any such new lifestyle that forced on us all

So positive solutions and focus on developing a open mind and strong kung fu mind as these matters unfold in our lives. Perhaps now 5G despite all the current known evidence will prove unstoppable. I humbly present this page in the mind set that the worlds medical and political establishments must do no harm! My wish is that a joint world wide fully independent authority takes a good long look at what 5G is and any evidence of the east and west healing arts found must be presented to prevent any terrible collective unconscious mistake. devastating impact on us all.

One of the reasons we do Tai Chi and Qigong is with a prevention is better than the cure mind set. Practicing Tai Chi and qigong daily to keep our physical and chi body and our minds holistically fit and well . My one liner "A healthy body is a wealthy body" is offered here as I do my best to present healthy awareness and strong wealth of practical actions to be taken to either prevent it or minimize potential harmful consequences and help you to thrive and enjoy life and be happy to know you are armed with fresh positive knowledge that can leave it all to our kids and our grandchildren with a good clear consciousness. Clearly the amazing health benefits of Tai Chi have never been more important than now as modern stressful lifestyles being created and promoted make me even more grateful to be learning such sound of mind and a grounded journey that Tai Chi and other personal development interest I enjoy day to day.

Happy chi Tony Stewart.

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