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How To Protect Yourself (And Your Family) From 5G Radiation written by Christian

Rather than rewrite the cycle I am pleased to copy paste these excellent helpful tips and the link below to allow you to view his blog in extra tab.

I thank this man, Christian, for his good efforts to raise awareness and help us all.

His article:

I recently wrote up, what I think, is the most definitive and helpful guide to the dangers of 5G radiation. I went in-depth into what 5G is, why it’s substantially more dangerous, and when we should expect to see it. At the end of the article, I had a section on what you can do about it, but I wasn’t really as thorough as I wanted it to be.

So, I decided to write this article, to outline exactly how you can protect yourself from 5G radiation in the coming months, and years, as it begins to roll out and become more mainstream.

Since this article is going to focus more on solutions, I’m going to start right in with that. If you first want to learn more about what 5G is, check out my in-depth guide here.

Alright, let’s get right into what you can do to protect against 5G.

Protecting Against 5G Radiation

So, when we talk about the dangers of 5G, and how we can protect ourselves, we have to approach it from a bit of a holistic approach. This is mostly because it will be so pervasive in our everyday lives.

So, we need to talk about how to protect our homes from the smaller, more common, cell towers that are being built, we need to protect ourselves from our cell-phones that will be communicating with these towers, etc.

So, I’ll do this as a step by step approach.

1. Use Distance To Your Advantage

I talk about this in my posts all the time, but there is something called the inverse-square law of physics, and it’s a super important concept to understand when we’re talking about protecting ourselves from EMF radiation.

Essentially what this law states, is that as we double our distance from a source of radiation (including EMF radiation like 5G) we quarter our exposure to it. Think about that for a minute. Essentially what this means is that the damage that EMF radiation causes, exponentially decreases as we move further away from it.

So for example, even the difference between holding a cell-phone against your head, or out in front of you on speakerphone is monumental protection from that radiation.

As 5G (or 5th generation of cellular networks) continues to roll out in major cities, you’ll find it is all but unavoidable. Not only your cell-phone will be connected, but eventually nearly all the technology around us, including our home routers.

So, what the most important way we can protect ourselves from 5G is to get as much distance from these devices as possible.

Here are some simple ways you can do that:

  • At night, be sure you don’t keep your phone with you, especially under your pillow or right on your nightstand. Our phones are one of our greatest EMF exposure risks, and as 5G continues to be rolled out, keeping our phone away from our bodies when we’re sleeping is one of the smartest things we can do. Read more here.

  • Keep your phone off of your body. Whether you put it in your pocket, in your bra, or anywhere else on your body, you’ll be much better off keeping it in your backpack, purse, briefcase, or somewhere else. If you can’t give this up, be sure to get a quality EMF protection case (This is the one I use and trust), and be sure the protective side is facing your body.

  • Instead of holding your phone up to your head when you’re talking, consider either using the speakerphone or getting a pair of air tube headphones to talk with (This is the best pair available by far). This will keep your phone away from your head, and reduce your radiation exposure.

  • Keep your router out of rooms you sleep or spend time. Although it won’t be an immediate change, 5G will be so fast, that many homes will opt to use it for their primary internet connection. Keeping this router as far away from you as possible (or getting protection) is one of the best things you can do. We’ll talk more about this later.

There are countless examples that I could list, but it would take over this post. Here is the main takeaway though:

Whenever you can get distance from a source of EMF radiation, you are protecting yourself.

This will be especially true as 5G continues to advance forward and becomes more and more available in various cities.

2. Protect Your Home From 5G

Alright, now it’s time to talk a little bit about our home, our sanctuary, the place we sleep and relax and spend time with family.

Now, it may not be the first place you think of when it comes to the dangers of 5G, but I can assure you (especially if you live in a large city) that you will eventually almost certainly have a 5G cell tower very close to your home.

If you read my primary post about 5G, then you probably understand what sort of physical infrastructure 5G will require.

However, to briefly fill you in:

How 5G Will Infiltrate Your Home

5G will require the use of new bandwidth’s not currently used by 4G LTE. Although these frequencies provide the speed that this new network wants, they are extremely poor at traveling long distances or penetrating physical barriers like homes, trees, buildings, mountains, etc.

So, whereas our current network works mostly off of large cell towers spaced fairly far apart, 5G will utilize hundreds of thousands of small, extremely powerful, small-site relays and towers. So, instead of a large structure they made look like a tree, you’ll see small devices on street signs, telephone poles, sides of buildings, and just about anywhere else they can get away with putting them.

This means that our previous step, gaining distance from 5G for protection, will become harder and harder as more infrastructure is built and implemented.

What this means for your home, is that this will be difficult to keep out.

The next thing that we have to think about when it comes to our homes and 5G, is all of the 5G connected devices that we’ll have inside.

Part of the reason that we as a society are moving towards 5G, is that we have so many more smart devices than we ever have had in the past. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network that allows devices to communicate with us, with each other, and with the internet.

These devices are crowding the current frequencies, and 5G is an attempt to relieve that. So, you should expect that not only your phone will be connected, but your smart-meter, your router, and many of your home appliances as well.

So, one of the best thing we can do to protect our homes from 5G, or just EMF radiation in general, is to try to be wise about which devices we are bringing into our homes. Do you really need a smart fridge, or a smart-microwave, or a smart-toaster?

Ok, so maybe not all of those will be a thing, but you get the point. Just think through whether the increased radiation exposure is worth the convenience that these new devices will bring.

If you’re curious about specific strategies and products to help protect your home against 5G, check out my Whole House EMF Protection Guide, or my recommended products page, which I keep frequently updated.

5G Routers and How To Protect Yourself

Now, a lot of people have been asking in the EMF Academy facebook group as well as other groups about the “5Ghz” WiFi network that is already in their homes.

To clarify, this is not 5G whatsoever. 5Ghz, along with 2.4Ghz, are the frequencies of the most common network that WiFi has been using for a long time, and has nothing to do with 5G.

5G in the context of this article stands for the fifth generation of cellular networks and has nothing to do with the frequencies it will use.

Now, that does not mean that your router won’t eventually be utilizing 5G networks to give internet in your home, in fact, many experts predict that this will be extremely common in the next 5 years or so.

Since the 4G LTE that your phone currently is connected to already has speeds faster than many homes, and 5G will be up to 100 times faster, you can expect many homes and business to want to use this.

We may see new routers that push this network, or it could be that our current devices are able to push these speeds, we aren’t really sure yet. However, what we do know, is that we’ll want to protect ourselves from these “5G routers.”

There are many ways to do this, and I don’t want to take up the whole post with it, so I’ll point you to some other resources.

The best thing you can do is to hardwire internet to your home instead of using WiFi. This means that you will still be able to get extremely fast internet to most of your devices, but you won’t be exposed to the RF radiation from the router. I wrote up an entire guide on exactly how you can do this you should check out.

There are also some good products on the market that can utilize to protect yourself from your home router if hardwiring isn’t a good option for you. I actually recently wrote up a guide that talks about one of these products, but it also gives some great general tips on reducing your radiation exposure coming from your home router. You can check that guide out here.

Finally, I’ll point you to my general guide on WiFi radiation to finish your education on how you can protect your home from these so-called “5G Routers.”

5G And Smart Meters

Smart Meters are a hot topic when it comes to the dangers of EMF radiation. This is mostly because many people don’t have a choice as to whether they are installed, and the almost certainly pose a health risk.

If you don’t already know, smart meters are the newer version of the old analog utility meters. Smart meters communicate remotely with the utility company using cellular networks primarily. Not only does this relay data about your usage to the companies, but also allows them to control your gas, electricity, or water, remotely. In doing so, it emits a large amount of EMF radiation into your home.

The question on some people’s minds is, will these Smart Meters soon be connected to 5G, and how can we protect ourselves.

First of all, the answer is a resounding yes, smart meters will certainly utilize 5G.

I recently read an article from Electric Energy Online, that talked all about how 5G will be utilized for utilities. In the article, they write:

“Some of the biggest countries in the world are adopting cellular for smart metering as a result.In addition, the competition among network operators to expand their businesses into IoT opportunities has resulted in a dramatic decrease in the price of cellular connectivity in the last few years. When taking performance into account, cellular solutions can deliver the highest performance and available data rate at the lowest cost – a trend that is expected to extend after the arrival of 5G.”

Essentially what this quote, and the rest of the article is saying, is that cellular networks continue to get cheaper and cheaper, and are becoming the simplest way for devices like smart meters and other IoT devices to be connected. This will only become more common, and more certain, as 5G continues to roll out.

So, the next question is, if smart meters will be connected to 5G networks, how do we protect ourselves.

Well, luckily, there are already some things we can do, since the way we protect ourselves from smart meters today won’t really change much with the implementation of 5G, other than the fact that it will be even more important.

There are smart meter shields that you can buy, and they do work quite well. That is probably where I would start if you are not able to opt-out of having one, or if you have one already.

If you want to learn much more about how to protect yourself from smart meters, you can check out Smart Meter EMF Protection – A Complete Guide.

Protecting Your Bed From 5G

Sleep is such an important part of recovery, so it’s extremely important that we protect our bed and our bedroom from EMF radiation. I have a whole guide on this that offers tons of ways to do this in simple steps.

However, in this article, I want to talk about a product that is becoming more and more popular, and I think will be in even greater demand as 5G becomes more present in our lives, and that is an EMF protection canopy.

You can probably imagine what this is. Essentially, it is a large canopy that hangs over your entire bed. The canopy is made from a material that is capable of attenuating almost 100% of EMF radiation.

I’ve had people tell me they’ve never slept better after purchasing one, and I can understand why. When you’re sleeping inside, as long as you didn’t foolishly bring your phone, or tablet, or laptop with you, you should be exposed to virtually no EMF radiation whatsoever.

So, regardless of what is inside of your home, or outside, you’ll be completely protected when you sleep. This is especially important when we think about protecting our bodies from 5G coming from small cell towers right outside our home.

So, although there are plenty of other ways that you can protect your bedroom from EMF radiation, nothing is likely to be as complete as trying one of these canopies. Be extra sure that you don’t bring any EMF emitting devices inside though.

Other Ways To Protect Your Home From 5G

I realize as I’m going that I could easily take up this entire post with just ways to protect your house or apartment from 5G, but I want to be able to make this more of a wholistic post, without it being 12,000 words.

So, what I want to do is point you to the enormous whole-house EMF protection guide I wrote and recently updated. Almost all of the suggestions in the article will apply to protect your space from 5G.

It’s important to remember that 5G, is just radio frequency, a type of EMF radiation. So, the way it damages our bodies is no different than any other EMF radiation, it will just likely be more pervasive, and with a greater power magnitude.

Any part of your life that you are able to reduce your exposure to EMF radiation will ultimately protect you since we know the biological damage is cumulative.

If, as you’re reading that guide, you have any questions about how to apply the principles specific to a world with 5G, feel free to contact me and I’ll do my very best to help.

3. Get An EMF Meter

TLDR: The Trifield TF2 is what I recommend for measuring and locating 5G sources.

No matter what you’re doing, if you care about the danger of EMF radiation then the most important tool you can possibly own is an EMF meter.

I wrote about this in my other guide to the dangers of 5G, so I’m going to borrow from that article instead of re-inventing the wheel.

Not only will a quality EMF meter allow you to measure the radiation exposure around you, but it will also tell you if the steps you are taking to protect yourself are actually working.

For example, say that you have a smart meter on your home, and you want to shield yourself. You purchase a quality smart meter shield but aren’t sure if it actually reduced the radiation in your home. Having a good EMF meter will tell you.

There are endless ways that you can use an EMF meter to learn about the exposure risks in your home, in your neighborhood, or at work. You can tell not only how much radiation, but what kind you are being exposed to.

A good EMF meter will also be your absolute best friend when it comes to measuring potential 5G implementations in your neighborhood.

The trouble is that most EMF and RF meters on the market are designed to measure the current outputs of RF in the sub 8 GHz range. When it comes to 5G, it is being tested in two ranges primarily.

Below 6 GHz, and between 30-300 GHz.

Currently, there isn’t a publicly available meter that can measure in both of these ranges, so we have to go with the best that is available.

Luckily though, all 5G towers are only using the lower range, which is why I recommend the Trifield TF2, which you can get on Amazon. At least at the time, I’m writing this, the Trifield can measure all currently installed 5g antennas because they all use the lower range. This may not always be the case. Here is what the Trifield website says about this:

The TF2 RF mode covers up to 6 GHz. All the present 5G deployed in the US is in this frequency range (in fact, it is all below 5 GHz). However, within the next few years, commercial deployment of 5G in the next higher band, a big jump up to 28 GHz, may begin. At present, no RF meter is commercially available that simultaneously detects this high frequency band and the lower frequencies. It is not clear yet whether the 28 GHz band will ever be widely deployed, because there are problems. Chief among the problems is that 28 GHz is very poor at penetrating to the inside of buildings or even through windows. Also it generally has to be line-of-sight.
Best EMF Meter For Measuring 5G

If the price of the product is not at all a factor for you, then this might be a better option than the TF2.

My recommendation for a more premium meter that can detect 5G has to be the Acoustimeter AM 10 that you can get on Amazon. As far as EMF meters that are easily available, this is probably the best RF meter on the market.

It can measure in the frequency ranges of 200 Mhz to 8 GHz, which covers the entire lower range of 5G, which is being widely tested at the moment.

This meter is also really easy to use, and a tool that you want to have with you all the time. It is chosen by many experts in the field and one I use myself when strictly testing for RF radiation exposures such as smart meters.

However, regardless of which EMF meter you choose, just be sure that it can measure RF radiation, and not just magnetic and electric-like some of the less expensive meters.

Remember that EMF radiation includes electric field, magnetic field, and radiofrequency radiation and that when it comes to 5G, we are only concerned about the radiofrequency radiation.

If you want to learn more about EMF meters or find out which is best for you, you can check out my full guide here.

4. Your Cell Phone and 5G

Alright, now let’s spend a little bit of time talking specifically about how 5G will increase the danger of your cell-phone, which if you’ve read this far, might be a bit obvious.

Modern smartphones are one of the largest drivers of the need for a 5G network. Now that most smartphones are really just mini-computers, they require high speeds and large bandwidth to maintain the speeds that we’ve come to expect.

However, as files get larger, and current frequencies become more crowded, our phones will feel slower and slower.

So, although the new 5G network infrastructure will allow for all kinds of things like IoT, autonomous driving, etc. it is mainly needed to support an ever-growing cellular network.

Your cell-phone will communicate with these small cell towers in different ways than it currently does, constantly reconnecting to the nearest small cell-site. This constantly swapping between connections is believed to force your phone to emit even more radiation.

Not only that, but the packets of data being sent and received will be considerably larger. I won’t go too in-depth on this since I want this to be primarily an action-based article, but if you want to read more about this be sure to check out my full guide on 5G.

So, instead, let’s talk about ways we can protect our bodies from the 5G connection of our cellphones.

Here are a few ways that I want to quickly highlight:

  1. Distance – We already talked about why distance is so important to protect yourself, especially from 5G, so I won’t double up by talking about it again here.

  2. Cell Signal – This one is extremely important with respect to 5G. When your phone has a poor connection, it actually increases it’s power level to try to find or maintain a connection during a phone call, which results in much higher levels of radiation. Some studies actually estimate that a phone could emit as much as 1000 times more radiation if it is at 1 bar or less. With the influx of 5G, this danger could be significantly greater.

  3. Wait – Many cell-phones emit a burst of radiation when a call is connected since it takes much more power to establish a call then it does maintain it. So, whether you are making a phone call, or answering one, wait about a second after connecting before you put the phone to your head.

  4. Use Airplane Mode – One of the most underutilized features of your cellphone is airplane mode. Although this won’t eliminate all of the radiation the phone is emitting, it will vastly reduce it by eliminating the cell connection. With 5G coming out, this will be even more important. Your phone emits radiation even when you’re not using it because it maintains it’s connection to the nearest tower. On top of that, apps are updating, emails being downloaded, texts received, etc. All of that data requires radio frequency transmissions, resulting in EMF radiation emissions.

  5. Get an Air Tube Headset – One of my absolute favorite EMF protection products, air tube headphones work much like normal headphones, except the upper portion emits no magnetic radiation at all. Instead, the speaker is about halfway down the cable, and it sends the sound through a literal tube of air to your ears. This utilizes the distance principal to protect your brain. So, when you’re making a phone call on your cell-phone, you can use this instead of holding it up to your head. You can learn about the best Air Tube headsets here (This is the best pair available by far).

  6. Get an EMF Protection Case – I think with more and more people wanting to be protected from 5G, that these cases will be even more popular. They work just like you’d think, protecting the user from some, if not most, of the radiation emitted from the device. You can read all about them, and see my favorite, in this article here (This is the case that I use and trust).

5. Advocate Against 5G

Finally, the last thing you can do (and it could be the first thing you do) is to advocate against the rollout of 5G. There are already hundreds if not thousands of groups forming in communities all around the world to advocate against the implementation of 5G.

This is mostly because this is a completely untested technology, with largely unknown health impacts, that will be pervasive in our communities. Although it will only be in larger cities, to begin with, it will likely eventually be just about everywhere in most industrialized countries.

If you feel so inclined to try and fight against this, the Parents for Safe Technology have put together a fantastic resource outlining a host of ways that you can speak out against 5G.

It includes agency email addresses and phone numbers, as well as education and stock letters to help you.

You can find all the information you need on their Take Action page.

Honestly, fighting against the implementation of 5G is one of the best possible ways to protect yourself, and your family, from the potential harm.

6. Be Careful Where You Live

This one is not simple, and by no means am I saying that you need to move, but this is really important information to know.

Since the infrastructure required to support a 5G network will be so capital intensive, many experts believe that 5G will likely not expand outside of major cities for quite a long time.

We are already seeing 5G implemented in large metropolitan areas in the United States, China, and around the world. However, it is not at all cost-effective for telecom companies to build expensive new 5G towers in more rural areas, or even medium-size cities, since they will likely never get a return on their investment.

Many pundits even believe that the margins for return on investment in larger cities could be slim for a while until they can reach economies of scale with the production and installation of these smaller cell towers, and as new technologies continue to develop to help deliver 5G frequencies.

So, if you live in a smaller city or in a rural area, you are not likely to have 5G or have to worry about the radiation from 5G, for quite a while.

If you do live in a larger city, you could consider this information, and decide whether a change of location is worth it for you and your family.

Why Do We Need Protection From 5G?

If you’ve read this far, first of all, I commend you, second of all you should probably have at least a pretty good idea of why we likely need to protect ourselves and our families from 5G.

However, if you want to learn much more, there are some great resources out there. First of all, if you haven’t read my full guide on 5G, I would encourage you to do that. Next, try to look at some trusted resources for information.

One such resource would be the Environmental Health Trust, who is the leading non-profit for advocacy and education on EMF radiation.

5G Protection Devices?

So, I wanted to just talk about this for a second, because I’ve been asked about this a ton. First of all, I would say that just about any device on the market advertising itself as specifically developed to protect against 5G is almost certainly not to be trusted.

This is primarily because these companies have virtually no way to test their products against these frequencies. Even if they had a machine that simulated them, it would not be anywhere close to what a real-world 5G network will be like.

Perhaps they could set a frequency device to something similar to what 5G will be and put a blocking technology directly between an analyzer and the frequency, but this is not at all what 5G will be like in the real world with the variety of technologies bouncing the signal all around you.

If this is hard to grasp, be sure to check out my full post on 5G to understand a bit more about how these technologies will work.

However, I would say that most of the products on my recommendation page are likely to be about as good of devices as you will find available.

I did mention a few products in the article specifically in reference to 5G, and that is because I honestly believe that they will continue to work and help protect the body. However, for now, I would be wary about products that don’t sound reliable, claiming to specifically protect against 5G networks or towers.

Final Thoughts

I will continue to do my best updating these resources as we learn more about 5G. The bottom line though is that EMF radiation does have biological harm associated with it. The implementation of infrastructure to support 5G will almost certainly increase that risk.

There are so many ways to protect yourself against EMF radiation, but I’d encourage you to stay focused on the things we know work. There are more and more products entering the market all the time that make outlandish claims without any real research or science behind them. That doesn’t mean it isn’t possible they work, but I would try to be naturally a bit skeptical.

If there is anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Your friend in health,

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