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How To Protect Yourself (And Your Family) From 5G Radiation written by Christian

Rather than rewrite the cycle I am pleased to copy paste these excellent helpful tips and the link below to allow you to view his blog in extra tab.

I thank this man, Christian, for his good efforts to raise awareness and help us all.

His article:

I recently wrote up, what I think, is the most definitive and helpful guide to the dangers of 5G radiation. I went in-depth into what 5G is, why it’s substantially more dangerous, and when we should expect to see it. At the end of the article, I had a section on what you can do about it, but I wasn’t really as thorough as I wanted it to be.

So, I decided to write this article, to outline exactly how you can protect yourself from 5G radiation in the coming months, and years, as it begins to roll out and become more mainstream.

Since this article is going to focus more on solutions, I’m going to start right in with that. If you first want to learn more about what 5G is, check out my in-depth guide here.

Alright, let’s get right into what you can do to protect against 5G.

Protecting Against 5G Radiation

So, when we talk about the dangers of 5G, and how we can protect ourselves, we have to approach it from a bit of a holistic approach. This is mostly because it will be so pervasive in our everyday lives.

So, we need to talk about how to protect our homes from the smaller, more common, cell towers that are being built, we need to protect ourselves from our cell-phones that will be communicating with these towers, etc.

So, I’ll do this as a step by step approach.

1. Use Distance To Your Advantage

I talk about this in my posts all the time, but there is something called the inverse-square law of physics, and it’s a super important concept to understand when we’re talking about protecting ourselves from EMF radiation.

Essentially what this law states, is that as we double our distance from a source of radiation (including EMF radiation like 5G) we quarter our exposure to it. Think about that for a minute. Essentially what this means is that the damage that EMF radiation causes, exponentially decreases as we move further away from it.

So for example, even the difference between holding a cell-phone against your head, or out in front of you on speakerphone is monumental protection from that radiation.

As 5G (or 5th generation of cellular networks) continues to roll out in major cities, you’ll find it is all but unavoidable. Not only your cell-phone will be connected, but eventually nearly all the technology around us, including our home routers.

So, what the most important way we can protect ourselves from 5G is to get as much distance from these devices as possible.

Here are some simple ways you can do that:

  • At night, be sure you don’t keep your phone with you, especially under your pillow or right on your nightstand. Our phones are one of our greatest EMF exposure risks, and as 5G continues to be rolled out, keeping our phone away from our bodies when we’re sleeping is one of the smartest things we can do. Read more here.

  • Keep your phone off of your body. Whether you put it in your pocket, in your bra, or anywhere else on your body, you’ll be much better off keeping it in your backpack, purse, briefcase, or somewhere else. If you can’t give this up, be sure to get a quality EMF protection case (This is the one I use and trust), and be sure the protective side is facing your body.

  • Instead of holding your phone up to your head when you’re talking, consider either using the speakerphone or getting a pair of air tube headphones to talk with (This is the best pair available by far). This will keep your phone away from your head, and reduce your radiation exposure.

  • Keep your router out of rooms you sleep or spend time. Although it won’t be an immediate change, 5G will be so fast, that many homes will opt to use it for their primary internet connection. Keeping this router as far away from you as possible (or getting protection) is one of the best things you can do. We’ll talk more about this later.

There are countless examples that I could list, but it would take over this post. Here is the main takeaway though:

Whenever you can get distance from a source of EMF radiation, you are protecting yourself.

This will be especially true as 5G continues to advance forward and becomes more and more available in various cities.

2. Protect Your Home From 5G

Alright, now it’s time to talk a little bit about our home, our sanctuary, the place we sleep and relax and spend time with family.

Now, it may not be the first place you think of when it comes to the dangers of 5G, but I can assure you (especially if you live in a large city) that you will eventually almost certainly have a 5G cell tower very close to your home.

If you read my primary post about 5G, then you probably understand what sort of physical infrastructure 5G will require.

However, to briefly fill you in:

How 5G Will Infiltrate Your Home

5G will require the use of new bandwidth’s not currently used by 4G LTE. Although these frequencies provide the speed that this new network wants, they are extremely poor at traveling long distances or penetrating physical barriers like homes, trees, buildings, mountains, etc.

So, whereas our current network works mostly off of large cell towers spaced fairly far apart, 5G will utilize hundreds of thousands of small, extremely powerful, small-site relays and towers. So, instead of a large structure they made look like a tree, you’ll see small devices on street signs, telephone poles, sides of buildings, and just about anywhere else they can get away with putting them.

This means that our previous step, gaining distance from 5G for protection, will become harder and harder as more infrastructure is built and implemented.

What this means for your home, is that this will be difficult to keep out.

The next thing that we have to think about when it comes to our homes and 5G, is all of the 5G connected devices that we’ll have inside.

Part of the reason that we as a society are moving towards 5G, is that we have so many more smart devices than we ever have had in the past. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network that allows devices to communicate with us, with each other, and with the internet.

These devices are crowding the current frequencies, and 5G is an attempt to relieve that. So, you should expect that not only your phone will be connected, but your smart-meter, your router, and many of your home appliances as well.

So, one of the best thing we can do to protect our homes from 5G, or just EMF radiation in general, is to try to be wise about which devices we are bringing into our homes. Do you really need a smart fridge, or a smart-microwave, or a smart-toaster?

Ok, so maybe not all of those will be a thing, but you get the point. Just think through whether the increased radiation exposure is worth the convenience that these new devices will bring.

If you’re curious about specific strategies and products to help protect your home against 5G, check out my Whole House EMF Protection Guide, or my recommended products page, which I keep frequently updated.

5G Routers and How To Protect Yourself

Now, a lot of people have been asking in the EMF Academy facebook group as well as other groups about the “5Ghz” WiFi network that is already in their homes.

To clarify, this is not 5G whatsoever. 5Ghz, along with 2.4Ghz, are the frequencies of the most common network that WiFi has been using for a long time, and has nothing to do with 5G.

5G in the context of this article stands for the fifth generation of cellular networks and has nothing to do with the frequencies it will use.

Now, that does not mean that your router won’t eventually be utilizing 5G networks to give internet in your home, in fact, many experts predict that this will be extremely common in the next 5 years or so.