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Do No Harm!

After I finished my Tai Chi training this morning I had a thoughts run through on this:

The medical world, doctors etc have a world wide code as basis for their practice = it is called "DO NO HARM"

This mantra is always vital in all treatment protocols.

Medicine must be mega checked to at least asses that there is no harmful side effects..

So when and if I get called to and asked about it.. I will state that our chi body aura is undisputed now in western science..this real body is our electromagnetic sphere that is interacts within and outside our body and known as our life force. Acupuncture stimulates and promotes the healthy flow of this energy field..

Any judge and jury looking at 5G roll out should insist that multi layered and double backed up fully independent studies are conducted out to life on this planet being subjected to 5G and do so before any now underway roll out can take place..

To authorize a roll as is now happening during this lock down is to risk falling foul again of terrible mistakes in the past.

Asbestos, cigarettes, tabaco, leaded petrol, aluminum, sugar to name just a few.

& Thalidomide (1957) this disastrous anti pregnancy sickness drug killed and disabled or drastic birth defects to thousands of young babies.

Just imagine trying to stop that drug coming out and the judge and drug company says there is no proof it is harmful...the drug has nit been tested and there was proof but it was ignored or undermined due to the fortune of the drugs profits..proving to be very evil indeed and results.

Teams of internal energy doctors must work with western medicine to create a long enough pause as to ensure we do no harm!!!!!

Should it be called on me to stand in court and address the jury directly on this matter I will do so with all the love and strength I can gather and express.

love and happy chi, Tony

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