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A few happy chi strengthen your kung fu mind lines from Tony:

A few happy chi strengthen your kung fu mind lines from Tony:

Believe in yourself. Listen deeply to your intuition,

Never allow fear to overwhelm you and make you do anything that you otherwise would never have done.

Things done out of fears all to often lead to regrets and tears!

So pause all ego opinions and with a open mind do your research. Download BRAVE & DuckDuckgo search engine is advert free, fast and big brother free and provides real comprehensive science to help you discover and become aware.

Be very, very patient, patience is powerful! Be steadfast in your commitment to protect the temple that is your body.

If it does not feel right then it usually is not right! So trust your gut instincts.

Trust that feeling!

You are always braver than you think.

Your mind body and spirit is far more talented than you know.

You are a sphere of energy, a bio electromagnetic energy life force. Your sphere ball of light field that is within and outside your body.

Nurture, protect and take good care of your life force as if you life depends on it because it does!

Allow it be it as it is the highly intelligent = trust your true self.

You have a amazing self-defense master its called your immune system and capable of far more than you imagine.

Open your eyes and apply common sense = ask is this common-sense? If there is a lack of basic common sense then don’t do it.

TIME. Let time be the solution. Give the whole situation time, keep yourself positively optimistic and focus on what you can do from day to day. Relax knowing every small contribution does make a difference.

The in good time a shift will occur and the dark clouds of what we once feared will be gone and you can then move forward proud you held deeply to your principles and said no to what deep down you know are lies and then live lovingly steadfast with 100 focus to as best you can follow and live your destiny.

Happy Chi Tony Stewart.

PS: As love overcomes fear and releases fear! When you love you live. So in your own unique way remember to be love! 😊

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