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5G towers at the heart centre of Bergen op Zoom

In six corona smoke screen months thousands, yes thousands of huge powerful 5G towers are going up throughout Europe!

Here in Bergen op Zoom several huge towers have gone up. The one is bang in line with the famous "dikke boom" a large 100+ year old tree in the centre of town. Every 5 km along the highway is these masts..many like this at strategic high points around the town. More being put up on a weekly basis.

Way back in 2007 I did a day of Tai Chi demonstrations to promote Tai Chi 4 You on The World Tai Chi Day. The well documented and water tight scientific evidence proving that 5G is a terrible negative impact on human and plant life means that I can never again stand there on that grass area and next to the water fountain and demonstrate Tai Chi again!! The effects to our chi body and health is subtle yet real. These photos show the size and power of this EMF broadcaster..wake up as more are coming to a home near you! search below and on line for more information.

Any happy chi tai chi demos will in the future be chosen at a better safer location.

Happy Chi, Tony Stewart

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