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5G risk

Hey guys and girls! want to be informed on 5G?

Its rolling into town very fast and us "responisble programed adults are dangerously asleep at the wheel. This link offers great heads up and wake up information. There is no time for head in the sand denial..

Cheers! Tony.


Dr. Martin Pall’s powerful, 127-page eBook, 5G Risk: The Scientific Perspective, which contains the science that proves, beyond any reasonable doubt, the biologically harmful effect of 5G deployments and wireless radiation.

GreenMedInfo is co-producing this summit in order to get this scientifically-validated information out as far and wide as possible. Please download, read, and share this widely with friends, family, health professionals, and your elected officials.

As the 5G wireless technology rollout is relentlessly promoted — without a single test of its safety by those implementing it — Dr. Martin Pall builds a rational and evidence-based case for predicting an imminent explosion in health issues that will come with being immersed 24/7/365 in this technology, including:

+ Neurodegenerative and chronic diseases

+ Infertility

+ Cancers

+ Autism

+ Still-births

+ Blindness

+ Hormonal dysfunction

+ DNA damage

+ Kidney failure

+ Insect holocaust

+ Conflagrations of forests

The future for humanity and our planet can only be assured by people willing to stand up to destructive forces against what may seem insurmountable odds.

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