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From I can’t stand myself to being able to stand myself

As I pondered why so many can’t seem to stand still I jokingly said to a close friend: “its because they can’t stand them self. If you can’t stand something you tend to resist it. Could it be our ego at least at first resists the letting go and grounding and will do it can to keep you away from something so healthy. Out of this play on words moment I penned this Qigong poem.

Standing like a tree

We allow it all to be

No need to get in a cue or wondering what to do

For when the time is right it will surely come to you.

Starting by emptying our cup

We next need to get our ego to shut up.

To stand in Qigong and do it on your own

Is not easy as are thoughts become overgrown

Too many are addicted to following and being shown

That can end up with just being a clone

This fear of failure leaves it all undone

Shunning the prize of good health and a lot of fun

If by just standing still, is a way of avoiding the doctors pill

What can it be that’s stopping us doing this drill

I postulate that we can’t stand ourselves in the truest meaning of the word

Making the chance of rooting very difficult and seemingly absurd

We need to know and compute

That our negative mind will easily pollute

Knowing this in itself is not enough

So I must stand myself even though at first it all feels so tough.

To find oneself we need a root and branch approach

Standing still and meditating we become our very best coach.

To stand in qigong is said will build your chi

So give it a go for your efforts can create a happy way to be.

Written by Tony Stewart

Tai Chi 4 You


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