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Thoughts on practicing Tai Chi at Home.

Thought on home practice. Use your Imagination.

Think of the old masters of times gone by and how they would train that would set them apart as masters of their art.

Think of how they trained night and day, As they never let a weak kung fu mind get in there way. Training day and night to be always ready for any fight.

Imagine how their muscles must have burned Because that's how their good life and health was earned.

​Time is busy when the head is dizzy.

​So they knew to clear the head of all distractions and ney saying lines. For they knew the benefits of creating your own times.

​Our efforts today are truly humble,

when compared to the days when they did truly rumble 👊

​So stand in your garden as if they are watching you move Feel their support as you stay in your groove.

​When you want to give up, see them still going. As they are willing you on to increase your inner knowing.

​Feel their smile as you finish your drills as it sure beats sickness and pills!

​Create your happy chi environment to best boost your day, for this a good secret of the Tai chi, kung Fu way.

Poem written by Tony Stewart. Tai Chi 4 You

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