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Dedicated to loved ones passed over

Dedicated and written for all so dear to me that have passed away and may still be here feeling all so lost from day to day. Also written with the 75 years ago fallen soldiers as they fought to free this small town were I live in. Apart from my deepest gratitude, this small poem is what I have to give to them to.

If you are still here please go to the light. Don’t worry for I will be alright

You may want to stay close. Yet maybe you don’t realize you are a ghost.

But never fear as when you go to the light You and me are going to be alright.

For there you will be with the divine and can see at the speed of light that we are doing fine.

Be sure you know with all my heart That you will never be forgotten once you depart.

The love and gratitude we feel for you. Will ensure we remember you through and through.

As my new life begins to find its joyful way. I’m happy to feel that in the distant future we will meet someday.

Rest in peace joy and love. Fly off to the heavens just like a beautiful white dove.

By Tony Stewart Written 24th October 2019

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