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11 Reasons to Practice Tai Chi

Really nice article to give you 11 good reasons to start tai chi or keep going and improving :) Here is a summary, further information just click on and read further :)happy chi Tony

1. Helps with weight loss 2. Maintains bone density 3. Improves heart health 4. Builds a stronger immune system 5. Decreases pain and improves flexibility 6. Makes you feel happier

7. Improves balance 8. Improves asthma symptoms 9. Lowers stress levels 10. Alleviates symptoms of type 2 diabetes 11. Improves sleep

Modern medicine has provided some very important advances and knowledge, but sometimes ancient practices are still just as effective, if not more so. Such is the case with the practice of tai chi, which is recognized as powerful and effective by most medical practitioners. Tai chi can provide a wealth of benefits for your health. Here are just a few for you to consider:

for full and excellent worth reading article click on this link:


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