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A Healthy Body is a Wealthy Body!

I am pleased to announce a unique lifestyle training program which will be available from the open week in September.2016 The various courses will be suitable for regular students and all new students joining Tai Chi 4 You and also special courses organized for Tai Chi 4 Kids & Teenager sessions being offered during school hours or as organized outside of school hours sessions.

This dynamic Lifestyle Coaching, Chi Fit & Flow courses will offer unique mindfulness to success coaching, I will enjoy a lesson of combining Tai Chi movement and its principle together with inspirational day to day life tips to help you live a successful fulling life. Learning how to start anything, keeping going at it and maintaining the benefits that you have achieved.

Also highly suitable for Businesses large or small.

Come along to The Brabanste Wal Dag on 22th of may and visit our stand to find out more. Courses directly available upon request. Regular students lifestyle lessons available from Open week from 17th of September 2016

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