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Tai Chi 4 College & University Students

Hello, If you are School leaver and achiever and currently studying at College, University or any other post school study course, then congratualtions! because you have come across a really dynamic opportunity to improve your health, fitness and really improve both the quality of your study and yes, your results too.

Over the years in local area colleges I succesfully trained many students via the multimove inter schools organisation. This experience allowed me to enjoy great results which has now inspired me to introduce Chi fit & flow to as many colleges and Higher education centres as possible. With this Positive experiance combined with over 30 years of teaching Tai Chi & Qigong I have developed a trully effective training program that offers Colleges and Universtity students a perfect 3 in 1 fitness program that features the three vital fitness training elements:

                                1: Mind  2: Body &  3: Spirit
1. The Mind.

Here’s the first part to personal development: The Mind. The Chi Fit & Flow program positively effects the mind by virtue of the natural open and closing spiraling movements that are always present in Tai Chi movement.. One of my slogans is: You can be able if you are not stable. This program is amazing at creating a stable, peaceful yet alert clear state of mind.

As the body stretches the thinking/feeling function is stretched too. The combined balanced and coordinated body movements ensures that the mind is balanced and stable too. 

This exercise program is designed to positively stimulate and develop good thinking habits, good study habits, pursuing ideas, and trying to find ways to apply them practicially to life. Mindfulness  is not a concept on paper it has to be practiced naturally day to day. Chi Fit & Flow program will do just that for you.

2. The Body: NB: the body :) of this text will is under construction!

3. The Spirit: NB: the spirit :) of this text will is under construction!

Tony's saying is: "A Healthy Body is a Wealthy Body!" The realization that true health is real wealth is a positive principle for any student to appreciate. The positive influence on them as they progress into their chosen career.


Students discover through Tai Chi practice that one's brain is not between your ears! Your whole body is a brain. One can say that the brain in the head is the hard drive and the rest of the body is the software. Of course the scientific world conclusions confirm that its our enviroment and wellbeing of our mind , body and spirit that determines ones future and real holistic success. A student that is stress free, can really be! Chi Fit & Flow allows any student discover lifestyle skills with weekly sessions learning how to reduce stress and create success


  • Improves a students all round personal development.

  • Achieve a deeper sense of awareness of themselves both pyhsically, mentally and spirit energy.

  • Weekly mindfulness fitness classes helping the students keep a positive focus.

  • Students are coached how they can succesfully work underpressure yet stay calm and focused.

  • Each training session features specially designed Chi Fit & Flow exercises and happy chi life coaching tips.

  • Self defense / self protection forms a part of the training


As a student is trying to find out what career to make for themselves. I advise all students the following:

If you want to find out what to do with your life, one must first find in. :)  


Tai Chi 4 Students classes gain and incoporate exclusive insights in the success principles of Tony's new e-book "The Three Steps of Exactly How to Start it, Stay at it and Maintain it" 


Excert from the Tony's e-book:

"If you have ever really wanted a road map on the way to start any new career, course, sport or hobby of your choice and would like to improve your awareness, getting more out of it all as you really get into it all! Then this e-book is for you!


Put sipmle any student taking these sessions is going to improve in all aspects of your life. If you want to achieve great results and prepare and plan for your future, then I will show you how to do just that." 


Please contact for a free no obligation information.

I believe that I am offering you something very special so please don't hesitate to contact me.

Lets together pioneer something very speacial for your College, University or Education centre. Workshops and courses given exclusively by Tony throughout the Netherlands.


So for a free budget friendly quoation please contact me by click here:

Tel: 06 26906168 / 0164 854568


I look forward to hearing from you. Happy Chi !

Tony Stewart, the founder of Tai Chi 4 You

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