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Tai Chi 4 Obesity

Special Course to help anyone suffering from exessive weight to loose weight and gain a new healthy life naturally.

This page will offer special workshops and courses which will be exclusively be available only for Obesity patients and anyone who's weight gain such that in combination with your nutritional advice and house doctor / medical specialist, you seek a way to enjoy exercising that is both low impact and dynamic way to loss weight. 


Introduction statement:

Real weight loss is only when its done with one's mind body spirit! Once your mind has lost weight and gain a healthy vision and habits, then the body and spirit will follow giving you real deeply long lasting healthy weight maintenance. The EGO never likes loosing anything! So changing the mind also includes convincing the conscious and unconscious mind that you are doing these new habits to gain health and have fun and not loosing! Otherwise you may achieve good weight loss but the inner ego will devise a strategy to put back the weight as soon as it can! Tai Chi & Qigong offers a unique way to avoid that dilemma and create a way of life that can help people recover their health and prevent returning to ones old ways. So go for it and read further and please call should you have any questions. happy chi from Tony.

How does Tai Chi 4 Weight Loss work?

Tai Chi is known as the worlds Perfect Exercises: That also includes being ideal for severely over weight individuals. Its because Tai Chi supports weight loss by stimulating the positive connection of mind body and spirit. Making participants aware of their body & internal strengths. Gaining that new insightful appreciation of oneself helps one take control; of their body and their life.

Tai Chi is a low impact exercise that focus on both internal and external aspects of oneself. Making it ideal to do.

Loosing weight with Tai Chi does take time and commitment. Will power is not required as this is also increased as you step by step build your will power naturally. 

There are no quick fixes and instant weight loss wind ups in any tai chi program. Instead the Tai Chi weight loss program of exercises will promote weight loss for you gradually.




You will be personally coached to loose weight in a mind body spirit way.







Who can Participate in this Tai Chi program:

This program is highly suitable for anyone who no longer feels that want to take part in a fitness groups lesson of any kind and would prefer to be in a small groups lesson that purely focuses on just students learning Tai Chi and Qigong that are all suffering from severe weight gain problems.

While tai Chi is great for top sporters it is equally great for seniors or people suffering from restricted mobility. Getting fit while being obese offers many challenges

Care is taken to ensures that the training room is private and allows your lesson to be done without any viewing audience of other criteria that is important to this group lesson.



Workshops available 
Private lessons or small groups lessons
Personal Training 
Courses in Bergen op Zoom & possible throughout the Netherlands
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