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Cabal gatekeepers have today removed the video of British whistle-blower Consultant Surgeon Dr Moham

I post this in the vital interest of free speech! Something my Grandad and millions fought for and died for too. This here is largely taken of line and his story should / must leave us all deeply concerned for our future.

His message: Cabal gatekeepers have today removed the video of British whistle-blower Consultant Surgeon Dr Mohammad Adil.

Introduction of Mr Adil Surgeon

Dr Mohammad Iqbal Adil MB BS . FRCS ( UK) FRCS1 ( Ireland) Fellow of The Royal College of Surgeons of U.K. Consultant General , Colorectal , Laparoscopic & Breast Cancer Surgeon Suspended by General Medical Council Uk for 12 months on 01 June 2020

Allegation . Expressing his Point of view of Covid-19 on the social media . Dangerous to the public by spreading misinformation.

I have been suspended for a period of 12 months by the GMC ( general medical council ) U.K. on 01 June 2020 due to speaking out my point of view of the COVID-19 at the social media in different language seen and appreciated by millions of people across the world . I received thousands of comments locally and across the world that I was life saver .

I simply expressed his professional view point on the COVID -19 , and it’s far reaching restrictions on the public lives ,devastating economy , social & family , mental health issues , educational impacts on students across the world contrary to the mainstream media narratives and state .

GMC alleged me for creating disrepute to the profession by giving false information to the public by introducing as a NHS Consultant going out to public to speak out responsible for damaging the public confidence and trust .

Millions of people appreciated my videos helping people across the globe in relieving their anxiety and stress generated due to constant mainstream media narrative .

I graduated in medicine from NM University Pakistan at high grades and came to the Uk in 1990 for higher education , training and experience which I successfully achieved while working in Ireland and UK .

I qualified Fellowship in Surgery from the FRCS Uk and FRCS1 Ireland in 1996 and I have been working as a consultant surgeon in U.K. over 25 years with impeccable career throughout .

I also worked as an assistant professor and Associate Professor of Surgery in Pakistan from 1997-1999 for couple of years before returned to UK .

I have great contribution towards the medical sciences in U.K. and Asia by teaching and Trainng post and undergraduates. I have been a good doctor treating my patients in the local community , teaching and training to post and undergraduates in advancing medical education within U.K. and abroad by chairing 3 -International Medical organisations based in U.K. with thousands of members across the globe. I enhanced medical education and research work by successfully conducting two international scientific conferences in Royal Oldham Hospital, Pennie Acute Trust in June & September 2019 while working there with huge turn over across the world .

I represented UK and NHS while teaching and training across the world . Last year I delivered lectures and conducted workshops successfully in 8 different medical universities and colleges in Pakistan and got International Speaker award and 10 magnificent shields 🛡and letters of appreciation. I critically questioned the virulence and mortality rate of Corona virus which is not more than a flue virus 0.30-0.25 % and the far reaching restrictions on the public lives . Therefore, I felt obliged to contribute my scientific knowledge and expertise to contribute my services to the health services and community across the world .

Therefore, it prompted me to speak out to the public at the social media and the devastating impact of the lockdown and Unemployment in U.K. resulting 5 millions jobless and shrinking economy( GDP) by 14 % which is equal to three recessions . Similarly 3 million patients were declined their investigations , clinics , endoscopies and cancer treatments in the hospitals . Fear and danger generated by the mainstream media resulting social and mental health issues .

On the basis of expressing my point of view over the videos General medical council ( GMC) U.K. sent me notification for the enquiry by the IOT ( interim order tribunal ) of the Medical Practitioner Tribunal Services ( MPTS) of the GMC over Skype Hearing on 01/06/2020 .

I was given only 4 working days notice to respond to the GMC . I felt it extremely difficult to arrange my legal advisor or representative to attend GMC enquiry . My request for the adjournment was rejected twice prior to hearing by the GMC . Moreover , GMC failed to provide me a gmc hearing bundle consisting of 247 pages by violating my legal right . In a short enquiry by the GMC tribunal military style hearing GMC Suspended my licence to practice for a period of 12 months which is unfair and unjustified. They stripped of my licence to practice medicine in UK . This decision of suspension came as a shock totally disproportionate and unfair merely due to my view point on the social media in expressing his point of view contrary to our traditional freedom of speech and human rights .

Secondly, I expressed cautions related to the vaccin

Thousands of doctors and scienctists who know whats really going on are bravely and at great personal costs speaking out. This doctor with 30+ years experiance has been suspended from the GMC.. Ask yourself is this freedom of speach surpresion and why? who gains from doctors and scienctist being silenced? and what a dangerous path we travel if the deep state succeed in silencing all none conformists to their dogma and totaliarian ways.

His other main interview was quickly censored by fb and google et all !! so watch this while you can

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