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Personal statement Tony Stewart about these latest tyrannical disastrous lock downs and restrictions

Bijgewerkt op: 2 dec. 2021

The new world order regime, their "new normal" is planning our winter earlier than we thought! To announce yet another lock down and do so in a very "kort n bondig" limited information way. This created many questions which the planted and corrupt weak journalist there all disgracefully failed to ask any serious questions regarding the enormity of yet another catastrophic decision.. At least the British or India didn't, this time, get the blame for any virus mutations :) Those and the other 9 created over the last 15 months have all gone out of fashion! As the old dutch saying goes "het klopt voor geen meter" or in this case one and half meters.!!!! Many millions have endured 24/7 fear TV programming yet millions of people are starting to wake up and see through the main stream media and our world leaders..

Their "gold standard" PCR test which never ever worked especially at 42 cycles. Those tests which has a cancerous agent at its tip were given the nick name "infections" and the rest is history..Yes there is a spike protein bio weapon of a strong flu like virus and yes many suffered flu like symptoms and some for various reasons have suffered and needed hospital treatment from the attack on their lungs. According to the RIVM the Pandemic was really over in may of 2020!! Disastrously world famous and 60+ years effective treatments with great results and proven track record against lung flu and covid was banned. The tactical total banning of vital excellently working drugs which would have undoubtedly kept most out from becoming hospitalized will one day be seen as a crime against human in itself. The Banned antibiotic drug in America Remdesivir was reintroduced in the USA = Fauci effectively knowingly murdering 1000s of Victims even before the experimental jabbs came out. Have you seen Hugo or Rutte focusing on health and fitness, wellness, vitamins? especially zinc, vita D3 and Vita C?? Good nutrition and exercise = NO!!! Not a word in 24 months. Or explaining we have an immune system that works very well etc. Instead only a 24/7 vaccines making trillions of dollars and being told only way of this story was to take their rushed out experimental injections. Fear laced stories was sold to all.

The amazing success of Ivermetin in for example India and Japan has been blacked out. Peer group study's for years are now suppressed. Infact most of our very best worlds experts in virology or any doctor or professor who speaks out is banned and censored or worse!! This includes are nobel prize winning professors opf medicine, all being banned from speaking out against big pharma. Freedom of speech is being very limited or gone all together. massive censorship not seen since Hitlers Germany of the 1930s. Commonsense sense has gone out the window. Healthy people are now seen as a danger and have to get a test to prove they are indeed feeling good. Imagine years ago going to your doctor and telling him you feel good but want to be tested to prove it!!! he would be angry and kick you out of his practice foir wasting his time.. Now its the new normal to do just that...

Every year for the last 40 years our hospitals are always been terribly struggling and unable to cope and they did so with far more IC beds than we now have! Plus none have been added in these WHO sponsored "pandemic" last two years. Hospitals over flowing year on year....​

Tragically millions are discovering that there participation in the highly untested experimental covid 19 injections is not doing or working as it was sold / told to them. Many students friends and family have suffered various side effects, some very serious directly resulting from their injections!

Very concerning as I write this. Portugal with 91% double jabbed are becoming over run with their hospitals and the winter flu season hasn't even got started. The immune system has among other things been seriously compromised / weakened by this experiment.

The British Government has announced that 82% of all IC beds are currently double jabbed!! A worrying trend so early before winter gets started. The cover story for this will be an convenient distraction of all new variants with exotic names like "omicron" coming out with claims that all three of the injections no longer work and yes back to lock down planning etc etc.

Gibralter is 140% jabbed and yet they are all now in lockdown = christmas is cancelled.

Here you see the actual official shocking totals. Please bare in mind the swine flu vaccine was removed from the world wide roll out after just 26 deaths and thousands of serious injuries..!!! These figures do not get aired on our news! Instead our world leaders continue to claim our almost totally harmless!!!

Tony Stewart

Tai Chi 4 You

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