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If you comply your freedoms will die!

Just say NO to their great set total control new normals! If you comply your freedoms will die! Say YES to living loving and enjoying life being free to be.

Say YES to all the things you want and desire, imagine them happening, Do what you can to create it and say no to and avoid all the things you don't want!

The Nation must go on intelligent strike! It's a little by little sleep walking into a totalitarian regime that will make Hitler seem like a tea party and I'm not joking. If you haven't noticed their plans are pulling out and our freedoms are being rolled back.. so practice non compliance ! Your grandchildren will one day thank you for doing so!

Ask yourself so you want this for your children

Don't cue for hours to get into a shop Only to be told its out of stock.!

Any shop or restaurant ask for your ID and proof of address just walk out

If you have to have track nd trace or be tested to go anywhere or do anything then simply do not book it or go there..

Buying in line is helping the Governments crime. So refrain from shopping were you can. Ask your football team not to play any matches or set foot in the stadium until all can go in.

The wearing of masks do not work and are very dangerous = Get a free from mask medical excemption!

Remove or don't download the track and trace apps.

Write or email to say no to the plans you see forming...sign petitions, form supportive groups of like minded freedom loving truth loving people.

Choose love truth and freedom and do not succumb to fear.

Do not make part in their medical experimental gene therapy trial = wait until the results of this are revealed in 2024!!

Don't allow any toxic nose swap to go into your nose or throat! Instead demand a blood test. Any highly scientific test that's take a 15 minutes is a joke and false nonsense..

Say no to nonsense and yes to common sense.!

Lock the local and national government down abd don't comply! Write to your council and government and say you won't go into town center unless the 1 5 meter, masks and restrictions are lifted.

Tell them to take down their fear posters and road signs promoting the hoax plandemic.

The adjusted manipulated pandemic is by any standards long over...Tell your council you do not consent.

Stay calm and take peaceful actions that might be hard to do now but it will out wit the devils and bring long term freedom to you and all your family and generations to come...

Don't get mad get even! Make your own plans because if you don't stand strong they will make them for you and you are not going to like them.. As bad as things are the problems are still small enough...surrender to fear and brainwashing and the problem may become to big to solve and long fought for freedoms will be surrendered maybe for ever! Every little action you take or indeed non action will make a difference .

God speed to our success and reserve a bottle a champagne as their crimes against humanity are seen and convicted in international courts Love and happy chi Tony

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