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Hardcore Visual Evidence of What Is In The Vaccine & What Happens to You

Rumble*WATCH Part 2 here*: to find out about shedding, infertility, if any of those vaccines are safe or not, how to detox from the vaccine and what the agenda is behind this.

Dr. Robert O. Young, CPT, MSc., D.Sc., Ph.D., Naturopathic Practitioner shares real evidence of what is in the vaccines. He also shows what happens on a cellular level within the human body when it has been compromised by taking the shots.

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Joel Brown - for more info and updates.

Also, I pinned a copy to the top of my Telegram group of the Detox protocol that Dr Young tweaks in this video for those who have had the vax:

Please share this with those who need the protocol and read the instructions. This has been suggested by a number of doctors who have come together to make the ultimate protocol.

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