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Dangers of human mRNA genetic experiment presented as 'vaccine' - Reiner Fuellmich and Dolores Cahil

I know that the many top scientist like Dolores Cahil's findings and evidence is to horrible for words. But what if they are right on the ball with this? What if they are right or only partly correct then the consequences to us all is too much for words.


Why are the Governments not answering their letters of alarm?

Why is the general public being bombarded with fear factory 24/7 sales n marketing of a trial injection immune therapy if they now admit it is all no more dangerous than the common flu.

Why are we told to lock down for what has now become a common flu?

Why is our immune system not praised and promoted?

Why is Vitamin C D and Zinc etc not being warmly promoted by our governments and explored further?

Why are healthy activities banned and unhealthy activities promoted?

the whys go on and on.. I suggest one does research and follow the money!

The Governments do not care about our well being and yet brilliant at selling a narrative that leads the masses to alter and genetically modify their immune system for ever..

Fear, self interests and the unwillingness to look at and find out whats going on is effecting the masses.

As a Mind body and Spirit Tai Chi teacher I must not and will not hide away from my duty to truth justice and to do the right things for my love ones, family friends and of course my students members of Tai Chi 4 You.

Park your ego and become a good keen detective and research as much as you can.

Practice your Tai Chi to keep your self as happy and centered as possible.

Love and happy chi, Tony.

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