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Correspondences from a war zone!

Bijgewerkt op: 4 jul. 2023

Correspondences from a war zone!

Oh my God, they wouldn’t inject us all with something so toxic and cruel?

Yet they did as the devastating reality of deaths and injured are coming out and saying it all.

Wasted hours spent in cues and traffic jams as we all now struggle to get anywhere.

As the people that run this show simply don't care.

People got jabbed to have a good holiday and rest.

But now the planes have no pilots with hours spent waiting as everyone's patience is put to the test.

Their Immune systems is crashing.

as all we hear is ambulances dashing.

Sudden death syndrome is currently in fashion.

As the foods we take for granted are soon going to be rationed.

Common sense is now banned

As people are waking up to the reality of us all being scammed.

Enjoy a empty motorway at not more than a hundred.

As electric cars silently go by, yet ruining our planet with all that it plundered.

Rules and restrictions all getting worse.

and complaining about our lack of freedoms is treated as perverse.

Chem-trails and weather manipulation is playing its role.

Effecting us all and many unconscious humans not being aware of its toll!

Trusting are governments was never very wise!

They cannot walk the streets anymore and so they live their lives in hiding, distraction and in disguise.

When will the collective say enough is enough?

That day is coming soon, even though it will be tough.

The lifestyles they are planning will be a life full of control and stress.

How bad will it get before the masses rise up is anyone’s guess.

Do not comply and show them why!

Heart attacks and blood clots are going off the page!

I wonder why and what it could be as so many millions don’t get to reach old age??

Make cash your king as you avoid having to pin.

The mass psychosis of all too many and they can’t see the elephant in the room.

Unfortunately in one way or another they will find out all too soon!

Tony Stewart

7th august 2022

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