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As per 14 October all tai chi lessons are as per lesrooster and go ahead as planned.

Please note that all Tai chi lessons go ahead as per lesson roster. Up to a max of 30 so we can with out masks enjoy improving our health and immune system holistic health.

No requirement to wear masks!

Be the best version of yourself and stand positive strong and enjoy your tai chi lessons.

Happy chi Tony.


The is NO pandemic, No so called 2nd wave, not even a little ripple!!!

A fake testing positive test that even the inventor states it does not work! Most top virologists around the world confirm the so called positive tests are giving fake false perceptions and could never see or confirm anything including viruses. now this fake casedemic is disastrous catastrophic results to all.

A collective shadow government economy take down and collapse is under way .right in front of us... the why factor is equally omg. Very few dare to see what's really going on. I do and I will do all I can to stop it. To raise awareness of the hell be unleashed on us all.

Please sign the petition in comments.

Happy freedom chi Tony Stewart

Please read and sign this petition:


Rarely have I ask my friends to sign a petition but do so with more certainty that its a must do action than ever before.

The information is available in various languages and takes just a few seconds to do.

Quite frankly the madness of what is unfolding, the fear the false news, the false flag so called positive tests the obvious plandemic and comedy of errors that are so called leaders are putting us through and ruining millions of lives, bankrupting millions and lying to us day in and day out via main stream media.

The why factor of their collective actions and decisions is huge and indeed broad ranging. Re sets, new agendas, etc One thing for sure is most people are now waking up and this petition is just one vital step that might just halt this unhappy disastrous direction they have embarked us all on.

Enough is enough!

As John Lennon once said "Power to the people" Please don't let him down or our children's future too

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