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News review: De Brabantse Wal Dag 2018 afgelopen zondag 9 September

News review:

De Brabantse Wal Dag 2018 afgelopen zondag 9 September op Landgoed Mattemburgh. was a heel goed succes! en top dag!!!😀☯️🙏

It was a fantastic successful happy chi day at the Brabantse wal dag yesterday. Weather was great. Warm sunny and very little wind. A dedicated team from the start to the end of the day were all really super top good in all they did to make it a very fun successful day. So big special thanks to them all. Also to the many friends and students that came by to say hello and of course the very many enthusiastic members of the public who watched our demos and signed up to cone along for a their free try out lesson. Our location in the grounds was also perfect position and the stand proved to be a good eye catcher too. So looking forward to seeing you all at your gratis proefles and happy chi to you all too 😊 Tony

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