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Tai Chi 4 You: Practice Tai Chi & Qigong at Home Challenge

“We make our habits and they make us!”

Create new health habits and Go for it!

Hello everyone,

If you are reading this you may be already practicing once or twice a week at the lessons then you can truly say to yourself that you are doing well and well on the road to wellness. Tai Chi & Qigong is so dynamic that simply one hour and fifteen minutes a week will give you many benefits. So you have already achieved a important step to a healthier, happier and harmonious life. So well done and keep up your good progress achieved.

This 2 monthly challenge of practicing Tai Chi & Qigong at home will be a great and fun way to challenge yourself and create new healthy habits at home as well as support your learning time at the actual classes.

One main aim / goal is:

To help encourage you all into a home practice flow, practicing, developing and enjoying your Tai chi Chuan & Qigong in the comfort of your own home, your back garden or in a beautiful place in an lovely location.

So this fun and unique November & December training challenge will be a great way to create new relax management habits. and of course a super way to prepare for the Christmas Holiday season :) A lot of people take up exercise after holiday due to the excesses of it all. But you will be practicing preparation and prevention to optimize your body system to cope with possible festive food and drink excesses :) So lets get started:

  • The target you have is to practice at home each day for a minimum of 10 minutes a day to 30+ minutes a day each day until 31st of December.

  • Use the happy Chi smiley calender each day to mark off your progress. Should you miss a day you

must cross out the smiley :(

  • Your actual groups lesson time does not count as doing your daily ten minutes +

  • One nice target is to achieve a run of 10 consecutive days with a "Yin Day"of missing practice.

  • Good news is you never fail with this challenge. Even if you get to the 30th of November or 31st of December and only managed to practice say +/- 15 or 20 days or less then it is most likely 15-20 times more than you ever did in the past. So you have become a champion and met a target that you otherwise wouldn’t of achieved.

  • You get a home training record of happy chi chart, to keep you focused. This needs to be in good position in your house i.e on your fridge door or in a place which you will see it each and every day.

  • You can of course always start at any date or time but for the 64 days but you will need to get started from the 31 of October or as soon as you get to see the newsletter and this posting.

  • For all those planning to do a lot on a Saturday that only counts for that day..remember this is a daily challenge

  • Why Do It? Well why not! “the only constant is change” so use this challenge to create a change that is transforming you for the best..The best most optimal healthy way to be and to finish this year in a good flow.

  • A few powerful whys to do it is to prepare well for the Christmas festive season, to support your actual weekly lessons and of course for improving your all round mind body and spirit well being.. Take action to transform yourself and getting started right away.

  • Please keep a record of your achievements and share this with me and other students. Anyone handing in a completed chart will get a prize and a certificate to acknowledge your efforts.

So go for it!

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