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Tai Chi 4 You doet weer mee met de Kabbenfoor!

Over Krabbenfoor 2023

De Krabbenfoor in Bergen op Zoom wordt dit jaar gehouden van donderdag 27 tot en met zondag 30 juli 2023. Er worden weer meer dan 200.000 bezoekers verwacht. Er zijn zo'n 650 kramen in het centrum van de stad.

Volgens de planning ons tai Chi promo stand is zo als afgelopen jaar in de  Fortuinstraat BoZ.

De Grootste Jaarmarkt van Nederland mag je niet missen! Geniet op de Krabbenfoor van de jaarmarkt, het entertainment op straat, de verschillende muzikale pleinen en nog veel meer! De Krabbenfoor 2022 zit vol verrassingen en vernieuwingen voor jong en oud!

De Tai Chi 4 You promo kraam is te vinden in de in de Fortuinstraat.

Kom langs en bezoek ons stand plaats!

Alle Tai Chi 4 You leden die langs komen zijn van harte welkom :)

Geef je op om te komen helpen met het op/afbouwen op een of meer van deze dagen a.u.b

mij bellen: 06 26906168 of e-mailen

Openingstijden markt:

Donderdag 27 juli 12.00-21.00 uur

Vrijdag 28 juli 10.00-21.00 uur

Zaterdag 29 juli 10.00-19.00 uur

Zondag 30 juli 10.00-17.00 uur

Alle hulp van de leerlingen die komen zijn heel erg gewaardeerd


Alvast bedankt! en laat ons genieten.

Happy chi, Tony.

august 4th


Let op! vanaf dinsdagavond 12 september

& vanwege aanmeldings en extra beginners les om


 Locatie: de Montessorischool BoZ  

April 4th 2023 newsletter

Hello everyone,

Welcome to all the beginners who have started in these last several weeks.

Heads up! Tai Chi workshop: Volgende zondagochtend 19 maart om 10:00-12:00. Graag even laten weten als je kan komen.

Na vier jaar is het groeps lesgeld van €10 per les tot €11 per les met ingang van 1 April. Zie in deze nieuwsbrief en op de tarieven pagina for alle lesgeld info.

Our mainstream media channels are heavily censored and holistic real science by most of our worlds greatest scientists is silenced this preventing one from being fully informed . Tragically big pharma and global governments worked in teamwork to hide the reality, the truth of the matters so afflicting us all these last 3 years. In the UK the lock down files (whats apps of Health secretary Matt Hancock are proving to be a bombshell and hitting the mainstream media proving it was all a genocidal planned event. Its now without doubt more than 100,000 people in stable health were given end of life treatments ordered by the health secretaries! Autopsy's was also banned preventing ways to established what caused their deaths. This and the false PCR testing scam added to the fear etc.

To allow students to gain a broader perspective I respectfully raise awareness so you can protect yourself from harm. The good news is the truths about the plandemic scam is coming out for all to see. My focus is to help all concerned be able to stay healthy and protect your immune system especially if already injured by the experimental injections or just worried about the now well documented negative side effects. I am regularly being contacted by vaccine injured ex students or inquiries of deeply worried people. So a helpful detox and all relevant health information page is being made on this website. Videos and various breaking news latest info here below.

The Yeung family system of Tai Chi is supreme and very unique in helping you maintain a healthy mind body and spirit. We are on the right path!

Happy chi, Tony.

PS: invite your friends to come along and join our beginners lessons.

This newsletters contend menu features:​​

  • Zondagochtend Tai Chi workshop: to be confirmed

  • Met ingang van 1 april 2023 lesgeld is €11 per les = €110 Per kwartaal: Een keer per week voor € 110,- (€11.00 per les) & per kwartaal: Twee keer in de week. Voor € 160- per kwartaal: (2de les @ €6.00) Voor 6 maanden of jaarlijks lesgeld zir tarieven pagina.

  • ​​Nieuwe beginners groepslessen beschikbaar: op Donderdagochtend! 09:15-10:30 & 10:45-12:00. NB: maandagochtend lessen 09:15-10:30 & 10:45-12:00 zijn nu vol geboekt! 

  • Beginners courses currently available lesrooster and locations

  • Photo's, Picture quotes & videos of the month.

  • Important / recommended pages to visit on Tai Chi 4 You website.


I can highly recommend to download telegram = works just like whatsapp and you can quickly and efficiently follow whats really going on.You can then join the following:Childrens Health defenseJohn F Kennedy Jr, Dr Naomi Wolf, Dolores Cahill, Dr McCulloughSteve Kirsch, Dr Mike Yeadon, Natural news = Health rangerNot on the Beeb stuff bbc will not tell youKlokkenluiders voor vrijheid, World Doctors allianceReiner Fullmich: German lawyer and co founder of the corona investigative committeeAVV VaccinatieschadeDavid Advocado WolfeDr David Martin P.H.D, Robert W Malone, Dr Christine NorthrupDr Tenpenny, Dr Assem MalhotraArtsen voor vrijheidand much more!!



Alleen op afspraak:

Kleine groepslessen & Privé lessen in mijn training dojo max 4 pers;




Kleine groepslessen & Privé lessen in mijn training dojo max 4 pers;




Small groups lessons and private lessons now available 
Ideal for all Tai Chi 4 You members or beginners wanting to enjoy a try out lesson.
If the Monday morning lessons or Wednesday evening lessons are not suitable for you then please call to arrange your unique beginners intro try out lesson at my own practice dojo room. 
  • Small groups lesson in my private practice dojo.
  • Private lesson(s) individual or for two persons.


feb 19th newsletter:

One of the best most respected British heart experts Dr Aseem Malhortra speaks out about Statins, sugar and the experimental injections beyond any doubt, causing sudden heart related deaths and injuries now worse than the "pandemic" last few years. Government censored all such BBC news updates. Truth and real reality of whats unfolding is getting into the BBC mainstream = so far 26 million views helping people be aware that we have been lied too in deeply harmful & criminal ways!! Each day more doctors and nurses are speaking out and important areas like flight pilots who many are no longer able to fly, destroyed by those mandated experiments. It was never, vaccine, never safe or effective its extremely damaging to human health and totally ineffective. Dr Aseem helps you understand how and why.

NEXT:#4 This increase in the death rate of working-age people also appears in the CDC's Mortality database.Edward Dowd: "From Feb. 2021 to Mar. 2022, millennials experienced the equivalent of a Vietnam war, with more than 60,000 excess deaths." Safety Signals for Heart, Blood and Reproduction Found in Yellow Card Vaccine Data, Says Top Scientist – “Withdraw Them Immediately”Dr. Richard Ennos, a retired Professor of Evolutionary Biology at Edinburgh University, has undertaken a thorough analysis of the U.K.’s COVID-19 ‘Yellow Card’ vaccine adverse event data and found it indicates “unequivocal safety signals” for adverse reactions caused by the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines affecting the blood, the heart and female reproduction. He concludes that: “There can be no question that the mRNA vaccines should be withdrawn with immediate effect.” Malhotra on Laurence Fox’s GB News program.The only thing I’d have added (instead of the details on heart harms which I neither have at my fingertips nor am I expert upon) is that the harms from the injections was inevitable and burned into the design.Any mRNA product, which are intended to cause your body to manufacture whatever is encoded, WILL induce autoimmune reactions.What we’re seeing is the inevitable consequences of making & injecting billions of people with materials which cannot but induce autoimmune disorders.As Aseem said, and he gave a list of adverse effects, the nature of the disorder turns upon where in the body the particular dose lands, plus a number of other variables (such as update & transcription efficiency, stability of the message in the vial and others).I’d be unequivocal: the perpetrators knew this would happen before a single vial was produced.The only uncertainty would have been what proportion of people would be noticeably affected.Best wishesMike
Current shocking data is 1500 per week excess deaths "sudden death syndrome" in UK. it was 2600 per week during end of year. Government data concludes 500,00 Yellow card vaccine injuries are officially registered via their doctor or hospital specialist. This is estimated to be barely 10% of the real number! EU reporting similar devastating figures and zero = nothing is being done about it. If this was vaccinated victims it would be 24/7 on the mainstream But almost all sudden deaths are unfortunately double, triple to multi experimental injected victims.Germany reporting a all cause death rate exceeding 100% at end of 2022!Instead of a lockdown baby boom the western world is seeing a 25% to 72% drop in pregnancies, mid term birth deaths and many other consequences effecting fertility! = nothing on the MSM!!! BBC - The fact the BBC managed to completely ignore a protest this large from the vaccine injured, demanding a investigation into the truth, tells you how trustworthy your media really is.What else aren’t they telling you?

Democide: Germany's All-Cause Mortality Doubled in the First Quarter of 2022Dr. Brian Hooker: "So, it's not 10%; it's not 40%. The data that I'm seeing in Germany is 100%."Full Video:
Vakantie data:
Voorjaarsvakantie: 18-2-2023 t/m 26-2-2023
Meivakantie: 24-4-2023 t/m 7-5-2023
Zomervakantie: 31-7-2023 t/m 20-8-2023
Herfstvakantie: 14-10-2023 t/m 22-10-2023
Kerstvakantie: 23-12-23 t/m7-1-2024

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