Tai Chi 24 form Challenge: 24 x 24 Chi Athlon

It was a great success : The Sunday 9th April 2017 Tai Chi 24 form Challenge: 24 x 24 Chi Athlon

Super top happy chi achievement by all who took part.

On what was a very hot and sunny day 8 Tai Chi 4 You students gathered at the

Montessorischool and was faced with a new Chi Athlon challenge to do the

Tai Chi 24 form 24 times in a one flow with a minimum of a pause in between.

With me included 9 taking this challenge on the 9th seemed good enough for me :) 

 = We did it!!

So a big congratulations and well done to Irene, Wendy, Claudia, Anna, Carmen, Marianne, Eric and Mario. You all did fantastic. What a achievement and all full in the sunshine of the school grounds! Sunshine, tea and chi all helped the flow. Super team effort. Many was unable to make it but for those that missed it we will be doing this again soon.

24 x 24 Form Chi Athlon

Tai Chi 4 You Event Champions

Tai Chi Workshops met All Chinese National Tai Chi Chuan Champion Master Huang Ping.

18 & 19 Maart 2017. 

It was a fantastic weekend of workshops. We celebrated the 10th year of world class tai chi workshops being organized by Tai Chi 4 You in Bergen op Zoom. All students attending did really great. So many highlights: The workshop one featured a 10 step Yang Style form nicknamed the "Southend on Sea form" From beginners who had just started to intermediate and advanced students all found this form a great challenge to fine tune their foundation skills and indeed raise awareness of their 24 form practice. 

The afternoon session featured a two workshops of 24 form and 13 principle form split into two groups. The 13 step form featured in the first in the workshop of 2008 so very nice to revisit this form.

The performance of all students was recorded as being of a very good standard. Students showing great improvement in many areas of their training. During the tea break many students gathered together for a spontaneous Tai Chi 24 form demonstration watched by Master Ping The Instructors from UK. Everyone moved in very good timing, good posture and flow and with overall excellent performance receiving high praise from Master Ping and the lads from UK. So well done.

The Sunday session featured a Yang & Wu style combination training form and many walking qigong training drills.. This was once again received well by all students with many students ending their weekend of workshops with two new mini training forms in their chi bank. Yet as always such forms are a work in progress in terms of fine tuning them all. So very well done, congratulations to you all.

A special part of the weekend featured  Gold medal awards to students who have been a member of Tai Chi 4 You for  6 to 13 years. I decided to mark this event with them all receiving a gold medal and certificate to honor their achievements to date. awarded for their LOVE COMMITMENT DISCIPLINE & ACHIEVEMENT at Tai Chi 4 You.

The following students proudly wore their gratitude medal and recieved their certificate:

Annetje de Bruijn, Rob de Boer, Marianne van Dort, Wendy van Eekelen, Eveline Francoijs, Ans Goorden, Rob Jordons, Tjeerd Lemstra, Irene van Mastrigt, Francesco Monaco, Coen Coers, Karin Oskam, Lex & Wimke Overbeek, Jessie Roox, Yvonne Veen de langen, Andrea Verhage, Corrie vermeulen, Loek de waal, Arno westhuis, Maurice Willems & Joanna Laakes.

A Big thank you to Master Ping, Danny Carter, Peter, Gary & Dipan.

A very special thank you to the support team that came along Friday afternoon and evening to help create the wonderfully well decorated and organized workshops. Also to the small team who helped pack everything away returning the hall for its normal use. With out few die hard helpers the workshop would not have been possible so big thanks and enjoy those chocolates.  Gratitude and happy chi, Tony Stewart.

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