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Chi-Athlon © Tai Chi 4 You

Uniek & helemaal nieuwe in de Tai Chi wereld:

Unique & New in the Tai Chi world:



The Chi Fitness Challenge featuring 3 different deisciplines from the Tai Chi & Qigong program:

  • Chi, Fit & Flow.

  • Qigong Standing still & Walking Qigongs & Form training drills.

  • Tai Chi forms: 

Inspired by the 2016 Olympics. I wanted to create something which had a target a personal none competitive way to practice one's tai chi & qigong but to set targets. Of course  I have designed a 3 hour challenge for all levels of students to take part in.

Some students may want to take part but not feel confident that they can last for 2 hours & 25 minutes in one go with just very short pause in-between.

What is a Chi-Athlon?

3 sessions of 45 minutes for all three disciplines.

Chi-Athlon is een super leuke manier om je Tai Chi Fitness & uithoudingsvermogen te testen.

Chi-Athlon speciale programma =

  1. 45 minutes Chi Fit & Flow: Warming up exercises to Full flow tai Chi workout routines. Medical qigong's 

  2. 45 minutes ( 30 minutes walking qigongs & 15 min standing qigongs) Training in lanes with some lines going standard slow speed and some available for fast tai chi flow drills.

  3. 45 Minutes of Tai Chi forms  Yang 108 form)  

Basically the goal is to achieve your own personal best. To simply gently discover what your fitness is. You may not complete the whole 45 mins each time but at least you can see your level and then you have added stimulaous to step by step improve for the next time we hold such an event. Which will be scheduled at least twice a year.


What are the benefits of doing a Chi-Athlon? 

Its a positive challenge to test your all round ability to perform 3 disciplines of training tai chi and qigong.

Questions like: Do i have the legs for this? I wonder what my level of energy ability is?

How do i feel afterwards?

The team spirited inactive feeling as you and your team students all striving for the same goal.

Great way to inspire yourself to practice at home. You may find yourself testing your qigong standing leg power and targeting regular sessions of 10-15 minutes qigongs at home.

The habit of focus and perseverance can be developed because you may for example get to 30 minutes and say keep going to yourself..and then feeling great that you did keep going and reach the 45 min target.

Fun to do while also developing ones discipline.

The repetitions will of course develop yourself in many ways. Not least the more you practice the more benefits you can achieve.

It shows that tai chi wellness and good posture is and continued flow can deepen your mediation and inner feeling of connection. The more you do the more you get back in various known or perhaps hidden ways.


Is it suitable for all levels?

Yes even a new beginner can have a go as they can simple follow what a more experiance student is doing in front of them or of course the instructor that is coaching every one from the front as you all progress. Having fun and enjoying the challenge is the key and principles of the event.

When is it?

last one was Zondag 13 November 2016 new event is being planned for coming months.

Participation levels to aim for:

Gold Medal:

Successful completion of all three sections of 3 x 45 mins achievement awards you a "Gold medal" certificate 

Of course at the next follow up event you can choose to go for your double gold :) either by doing the 3 x 45 minutes or trying to do 3 x 1 hour sessions.

Meer informatie en aanmelding? Graag u vraag op u volgende les, bel of e-mail.

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