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I am pleased to announce that I got a very nice surprise this week from the Dutch Acupuncture National Association. Paul van Delft informed me that I have won the National competition of the NVA with my one liner and poem 😆😬☺️🙏
I was ask by my acupuncturist for a one liner to promote Chinese medicine acupuncture throughout the Netherlands.
Early January sent it in and wow I won it 🙏☯️

This was the message I received: Van harte gefeliciteerd Tony, ik vind het echt geweldig en hartstikke leuk voor je. Eindelijk mag ik zeggen . Door de Corona virus is alles in de war geraakt. Maar Tony je bent de winnaarvan de NVA prijs vraag."" 

Its a good news story I certainly appreciate in these strange times. My intention was to write a line that respected the wisdom of masters of hundreds of years ago, respect the hard working living acupuncture masters of today as they apply their skills to benefit so many. I hope many more will discover and have acupuncture in the coming years. I'm feeling happy contented chi. With thanks to our local acupuncture master Paul van Delft for entering me to the competition 🍾🥂🥳🙏
This is my contribution:

“Is great wisdom behind a needle, to restore good health, harmony and flow to the people”

My Poem about acupuncture:

With the needle getting to the point.
It opens the pathways through each and every joint.

Revitalizing the body by getting it back into its flows
Helping the body relax and do all it already knows.

Unlocking the body’s gateways and zones
Restoring the patient to balance avoiding a life of grunts and groans.

All the talk of healing and prevention is only part of the plan.
For it is helping them get even better at being able to do all they can.

So include acupuncture in your life and trust the process.
For its treatment method will match its unique insight and diagnosis.

Promoting healing of your mind and body with a pin.
Helping you restore your health and that’s for sure a win win.

Written by Tony Stewart
Founder of Tai Chi 4 You
Authentic Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan

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